On this day 22 years ago, the terror quotient escalated dramatically on Skinwalker Ranch when the NIDS (National Institute for Discovery Science) researchers were abruptly confronted with an “in your face” daylight mutilation of an 84 pound calf. Up until March 10th, 1997 the NIDS researchers had been chasing shadowy lights and subtle phenomena. That all changed on a bright sunny morning with the brutal killing of the newly born animal that had just been tagged 45 minutes previously.

The killing of the calf combined exquisite delicacy in the laying of the mutilated on the ground with brute force strength in ripping the femur out of its ball and socket joint. There had been violent incidents before this one - some of them of a physical nature - but on this day, the NIDS researchers were served notice that the cat and mouse game being played out on Skinwalker Ranch would become more violent, more threatening and with deliberately enhanced psychological warfare thrown in.

Who or what murdered this young calf? Why was it done in a seemingly ritualistic manner? What was the purpose of this carnage? Was this event an attempt by The Phenomenon to warn the ranchers and the scientific team? Or is this just part of something more terrifying? Big questions, disturbing answers.

"Occasionally when searching for lost cattle in the dense undergrowth at the South end of Skinwalker Ranch, often in broad daylight, we would occasionally get the feeling that ‘something’ unseen was very close to us and that we were being watched. That feeling of being watched was sufficiently rare that we could not put it down to mere paranoia and usually we discovered at the post deployment de-briefings that more than one individual had simultaneously experienced the same sensation.” - NIDS Scientist

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Reports, reviews and responses from around the world have been coming in since the launch of my film HUNT FOR THE SKINWALKER. It’s truly overwhelming! This film has struck a nerve and has polarized a large section of humanity. Big questions, disturbing answers… and social media is on fire about the film.

From FOX News to ABC; articles and online reviews; blogs and podcasts… this is the most immersive film launch I have ever experienced. It has taken on a life of its own.

This documentary took over the charts the moment it was released, hitting the #1 Top Documentary position on iTunes almost immediately. The film also ranked at #18 globally - in ALL genres. The response to this film has been astounding. Not bad for a small documentary about a mysterious ranch in Utah and the government intelligence study to understand it.

We had the World Premiere at the Salt Lake City Comic Con / Fan X event and then a private pre-premiere in Las Vegas. The film is now out in the world, and the viewership is staggering… but we are not done yet, this is just beginning. It’s time to spread the word and write your reviews.

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Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell

ABC News

FOX News

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With a purchase on iTunes or Vimeo you get about an hour and a half of Bonus Material.


Check out this great article written by Dave Partridge on Corbell's upcoming film on the famously paranormal, Skinwalker Ranch. This article in Shadows Of Your Mind magazine, is an in-depth and long-form look into the mystery of the ranch, and includes interviews with both Investigative Filmmaker Jeremy Corbell and Investigative Reporter, George Knapp. This pice is a unique look into the ranch and the experiences that brought to life Corbell's film on one fo the most secretive places on this earth.

"Skinwalker Ranch is like the Area 51 of the paranormal." - Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell


George Knapp conducted an in-depth interview with Luis Elizondo. Elizondo spent ten years as head of a secret study of Unidentified Aerial Objects, he was also instrumental in the release of official UFO videos recorded by military pilots.

AATIP (Advanced Aerial Threat Identification Program), was a Department Of Defense Program out of the Pentagon tasked with studying the UFO phenomenon. In this interview, one of the things we learn is that the program still continues to this day.

The Pentagon study focused, in part, on Skinwalker Ranch.







Article by contributor, Hunt The Skinwalker

From more than six hundred anomalous incidents on Skinwalker Ranch that have been investigated, documented and catalogued since 1994, a small number of events stand out for the brazen use of invisibility and “cloaking” technology deployed during daylight hours.

As Skinwalker Ranch scientists and researchers investigated these incidents and “war gamed” how they may have been perpetrated, inevitably the “us or them” question arose. Were humans (us) capable of pulling off this incident or was a non-human intelligence (them) responsible? This “us or them” conundrum has existed at the heart of “UFO-ology” since the 1950s and is a major contributor to the confusion and lack of progress in the field for decades.

The following are a couple of incidents that happened on Skinwalker Ranch that exemplify this ambiguity between “Us and Them”.

Incident 1:

Following scores of bizarre unexplained incidents experienced by the NIDS team on Skinwalker Ranch between 1996 and 1998, it was decided to deploy multiple surveillance cameras on telephone poles on the ranch in the hope of capturing videotaped evidence of anomalies. By summer 1998, several cameras were recording 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

A particularly disturbing and graphic incident of vandalism unfolded on July 19, 1998. Ranch personnel discovered the wires had been forcefully ripped from three separate cameras that had been installed on one particular telephone pole. Two of the cameras were mobile, employing pan tilt and zoom capabilities, a third was stationary with capability of viewing into the Infra-Red (1000-1200 nanometers).

Mobile camera 1, mobile camera 2 and still camera 4 were located in the middle of a large pasture on the most westerly telephone pole. There was no cover to conceal an individual or a group within dozens of yards of the pole. Investigation revealed that the power cord was ripped out of all three camera housings but the optic cords were still attached to the cameras. According to the surveillance tape records all three cameras lost power at approximately 20.28 on July 19, 1998.

Investigators also found a PVC piping of about 6 inches in diameter which itself was attached to the telephone pole by U-shaped brackets through which all wires were threaded was forced away from the pole and the brackets were broken. Multiple rounds of duct tape that circled the wires and encircled the pole were missing. Investigators spent hours meticulously quartering the ground around the pole looking for pieces of plastic from the brackets or pieces of duct tape which might have fallen on the grass. They found nothing.

By a fortunate coincidence yet another camera that was located on an adjacent telephone pole was aimed directly at the far telephone pole from which the power cords were ripped. Investigators were exultant. They knew it was light enough to easily detect the perpetrators on the other camera. They rushed to the command center to retrieve the relevant recordings. After exhaustively playing back the tape, celebration became muted and depression took over. No human presence could be detected at 20.28 hours. Instead the herd of cattle was seen grazing peacefully near the telephone pole.

Skinwalker Ranch investigators conducted extensive high-resolution video enhancement and analysis but no evidence of any human activity was seen. Yet, the resolution was sufficient to validate the extinguishing of a small power light on each of the cameras that occurred precisely at 20.28 hours.

The duct tape from the wires that attached the wiring to the other telephone pole had been removed and could not be found. Investigators searched the entire area including the ridge for any unusual tracks and found none.

This incident was a brazen act of vandalism and seemed designed to intimidate the NIDS scientists who were living on the ranch. The technology employed advanced camouflage optics that completely shielded the perpetrators from view as they unwound several feet of sticky duct tape from around the pole and then exerted considerable force to rip the wiring out of all three camera housings. The incident was never solved.

Incident 2:

In July 1996, about six weeks before Tom Gorman sold the property to the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS), news about the paranormal shenanigans was beginning to leak through the print media: a Deseret News article by reporter Zack Van Eyck (1) had just been published and a radio show had leaked details about the ranch.  The following account is summarized from Hunt for the Skinwalker (2). Tom Gorman and his son were approached on their property by a tall stranger asking if he could meditate on the land. Gorman relented and he and his son tad drove the stranger about a mile west on the property to a small pasture that was surrounded by a grove of trees. The man walked into the middle of the open ground, about a hundred yards from the tree line. Tom walked with him a short distance and then stood watching. Tad stayed sitting in the vehicle and silence reigned as the late afternoon sun cast a bewitching light on the scene, this tall man standing silently in the middle of the pasture with his eyes closed and his arms raised much like the pose struck by saints and angels in religious paintings.

In the distance, Tom heard a cow bell reverberating through the deep silence. Gorman was puzzled. None of his animals had cow bells. Again, the sound pealed out nearer this time and plainly within the grove of trees. Tom looked in the direction of the sound and thought he could make out a faint blur. Something was moving very quickly between the trees. He watched carefully as the shape moved like a fast blur from tree to tree as if it was circling. Tom suddenly felt uneasy. The guy meditating in the pasture seemed oblivious.

Without warning, something large broke from the tree line and moved swiftly towards the meditating man. Tom blinked and tried focusing. He still couldn’t see what it was even though it was broad daylight. It was blurred as if it was hidden in the middle of heat distortion and it was moving very quickly. Gorman realized that this cloaked “thing” was making a beeline for the blissful meditator who was completely unaware of what was bearing down on him. Tom was about to yell a warning but it was too late. The shimmering wraith like phantasm had stopped just inches from the meditator. It let out a deep throated animal roar that reverberated around the ranch. Tom froze.

The stranger leaped back about ten feet and began screaming. As fast as it had approached the shimmering almost invisible creature departed for the tree line. Tom watched as it was hidden behind pixelated blocks and within seconds it had vanished deep in the trees. The visitor was on ground screaming hysterically and out of his mind with fear. Quickly Gorman and his son bundled the quivering man into their vehicle and drove to the gate. The stranger still babbled incoherently about how the property was cursed and he would never set foot there again.

A few weeks later the family was watching a rerun of the 1987 movie Predator starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse Ventura, both let out a yell when they first saw the shimmering alien creature. “That is what we saw” they swore to the other family members. The predator in the movie appeared to exactly encapsulate the level of camouflage of what they had seen on the ranch. When Gorman related the story to the Skinwalker Ranch research team a few months later, the team wondered if the ranch was being used as an experimental field testing station for advanced camouflage technology.


The EG&G Operative


In August 2001 Ranch investigators were introduced to a retired Marine Corps Special Forces individual who had worked on multiple projects for several different contractors including one for Edgerton, Germeshausen, and Grier (EG&G) Special Projects Division. At the time EG&G was a wholly owned subsidiary of the Carlyle Group.

The Special Forces operative was careful not to reveal sources and methods but over several hours of questions and answers did confirm that one of the projects he had worked on was testing advanced technology “toys”, including non-lethal weapons, at several locations in the Uinta Basin. He confirmed that some of the advanced technology test projects were targeted to multiple areas around Skinwalker Ranch. Some of the units operated out of Hill Air Force Base, located about 150 miles west of Skinwalker Ranch, other units came from elsewhere. In spite of multiple attempts to obtain additional sources, Ranch investigators were never able to robustly corroborate the story told by the retired Marine.

Project Chameleo:

In 2015, Robert Guffey published a book entitled “Chameleo” (3). The book was written in the style of a Hunter S Thompson epic and it described multiple surreal incidents of serial harassment of a couple of individuals in San Diego California by a mysterious group that appeared to possess very advanced technology, including advanced camouflage technology. The book detailed the advanced camouflage technology discovered by an optical engineer named Richard Schowengerdt and allegedly developed and enhanced by Science Application International Corporation (SAIC). 

The tangled web of conspiracy described as a part of Project Chameleo included claims by Richard Schowengerdt that the movie Predator starring Arnold Swarzenegger was an accurate representation of the capability of the technology that he had developed. During a radio show in 2016, author Robert Guffey agreed that some of the bizarre incidents described on Skinwalker Ranch overlapped to some degree with Project Chameleo. However, no tangible evidence for that overlap exists. However, the heart of the Chameleo book was definitive that a group of highly skilled individuals were utilizing advanced camouflage technology to systematically harass, attack and injure United States citizens both in San Diego and in Northern California.

Given the evidence cited above, it was, and is, an essential component of every investigation into incidents on Skinwalker Ranch to entertain the possibility that non-lethal weapons are being deployed or tested by United States Government (USG) contractors or by other arms of the USG. Indeed this hypothesis was covered in Knapp and Kelleher’s book Hunt for the Skinwalker (2).

The retired special forces Marine told Ranch investigators that the Uinta Basin was an ideal location to test “toys” because of the remote, under-populated terrain and the reclusive, predominantly Mormon and Native American populace. Both Mormon and Native American communities had long histories of keeping to themselves so they were not apt to be giving interviews about their bizarre experiences to the Washington Times, the Wall Street Journal or the New York Times.

Chameleo in Ohio?

These Chameleo like incidents are not confined to Skinwalker Ranch. Dr. Bruce Maccabee has had a multi-decade career as an optical physicist with the US Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division. His wife Jan is an avid cross bow hunter who was in a hunting stand in Ohio on September 29, 2010. Jan had just taken a couple of photos of herself. According to Bruce Maccabee’s account (4): “Suddenly the woods went quiet.  Noise stopped. The silence was “weird.”  It so surprised and unnerved her that she wrote a text message to her friend (thereby documenting this event): “Something is wrong.  The woods just went to a dead silence. No squirrels, no birds, no crickets.  Is odd “!  (6:23 PM EDT)

Jan thought a coyote or maybe a black panther or some predator animal caused the quiet as she knows (as hunters know) that when a predator such as a bear, for example, enters an area the other animals tend to become quiet. Then she became aware that a weird visual “effect” was moving rightward across her field of view at an apparent distance of maybe fifteen to twenty feet. She described it as if looking through "saran wrap." Perhaps a more apt comparison would be like looking at a mirage above a hot road.

She compared this distortion of the scene as being somewhat like the effect of the invisible creature in the PREDATOR movie! This distortion was at a higher altitude than her 15 ft above the ground, perhaps about 25 ft above the ground..  She took her glasses off and rubbed her right eye thinking at first she had a floater (a mote in the eye). But after rubbing it was still there and not a floater. It moved to her right from about 15 degrees to the right of straight ahead to about 45 degrees to the right (see the diagram below, not to scale). Then it disappeared...things looked normal and she could hear the normal sounds again...

There are undeniable overlaps between Jan Maccabee’s incident and that of the “predator” incident on Skinwalker Ranch, although it is not definitive that the two incidents had the same cause. In the case of the “predator incident on Skinwalker Ranch, a definite hostile attack occurred, whereas with Jan Maccabee, no interaction appears to have occurred.

We at are interested in receiving feedback from readers of this article regarding other possible incidents of a “Chameleo” nature. Please email us your account if you have had interactive experiences with a camouflaged entity, human or creature that gave the visual appearance of the “Predator” in the original movie.

Finally, it is outside the scope of this article to question the legality or otherwise of subjecting United States citizens to acts of aggressive and hostile trespassing, vandalism and in some cases injuries, as a result of deploying non-lethal “toys” in the Uinta Basin.

Regardless, the ambiguity between “Us and Them” as perpetrators of these unsolved crimes remains. 




1.     Van Eyck, Zack (1996) Frequent Fliers? Deseret News June 30 1996

2.     Kelleher CA and Knapp G (2005) Hunt for the Skinwalker: Science Confronts the Unexplained at a Remote Ranch in Utah.  Paraview Books/Simon and Schuster New York New York.

3.     Guffey, R. (2015) Chameleo: A Strange but True Story of Invisible spies, Heroin Addiction and Homeland Security. OR Books New York.

4.    "Predator" in the forest. Dr. Bruce Maccabee website

Are Dogmen Stalking Skinwalker Ranch?

Article by Contributor, Hunt The Skinwalker

Artwork by Per Andre

Artwork by Per Andre

On Saturday June 4, 2011 at about 9.30 PM, Riana Smith, Blake Bagley and their young infant son were driving North on 6500 East, North of Fort Duchesne Utah near Skinwalker Ranch, on their way to a friend’s house for a quiet get together. They were approaching a corner when out of nowhere a panicked cow burst from the undergrowth and ran directly in front of their car. Blake hit the brakes, but it was too late. The car hit the unfortunate cow head on. Suddenly the car headlights picked up a large wolf-like creature approximately six feet tall that ran on two legs into the road next to the prostate cow and continued running across the road in front of both astonished witnesses.  Skinwalker Ranch investigators separated both witnesses and interviewed them individually. Both described a tall creature that had the head and shoulders of a German Shepherd or wolf with dark brown or black long hair. The beast was running very easily and rapidly on two legs and passed within a couple of feet of the cow as it lay in the road. According to both witnesses, the creature was originally heading East to North West in apparent pursuit of the cow but once in the headlights then abruptly turned and ran Southwest into the darkness.

The couple promptly called the Bureau of Indian affairs (BIA) and BIA responded to the scene. The damaged vehicle was towed from the scene and Skinwalker ranch investigators confirmed the incident was recorded in the BIA blotter although it was not assigned a report number. The couple were cooperative with Ranch researchers and brought them to the scene of the accident. A large stain was seen on the west side of the road and multiple pieces of clear yellow and black plastic were recovered from the vicinity. These pieces were consistent with the grill and front of the couples damaged vehicle. No evidence or unusual footprints were found at the scene. This case, if taken on its own, would inspire skepticism in most people. However, beginning in 2008, dozens of cases involving dogmen walking on two legs were relayed to Skinwalker Ranch investigators.

Consider another case that occurred within a stone’s throw of Skinwalker Ranch. Sometime during the month of October 2008, at approximately 4PM, Lamar Oaks and his 16 year-old son Craig were out in the backyard of their property that directly abuts the Skinwalker Ranch. Both carried .30-.30 rifles and they were target practicing. Their pit bull was browsing nearby.  A movement about 60 yards North of their location near a ravine with a creek caught Lamar’s eye. The animal was dark colored and looked like a wild dog or coyote and both ranchers became concerned about an attack on their chickens, sheep, goats and other livestock. Lamar and Craig took aim and fired and both were certain that one shot had hit the animal. Then things became bizarre. Instead of the animal falling over, it stood up on its hind legs and looked deliberately at the astounded pair. The movement, according to Lamar was “intentional and graceful”. Both eyewitnesses had a clear, unobstructed view of the animal. Both described a thin coyote or wolf like creature with long coarse reddish hair, with regular dog like paws. The hind legs were angled and curved and Lamar described the front legs as retracted towards the chest “like a kangaroo”. The creature had a thick long bushy tail. Both men again raised their rifles and the animal suddenly ran swiftly Northward towards the creek. The pit bull took off in pursuit. The creature ran on two legs like a human and was able to outpace the pit bull. Both father and son confirmed that the creature did not hop or jump like a dog, but ran like a human. The creature crossed the creek and as Lamar and Craig approached the ravine, they could see the dogman disappearing into a group of Russian Olive trees.

The Skinwalker Ranch personnel conducted an investigation and thoroughly searched the area and separately interviewed both father and son over many months. Neither story changed over time.  Both were certain that one of their shots had hit the creature.

Between 2008 and 2011 Skinwalker Ranch investigators created a grid like pattern around the Ranch and methodically began interviewing neighbors within a couple mile radius fanning out from the property. Over that three-year period they accumulated dozens of eyewitness testimonies of anomalies, including a large number of independent sightings of upright coyote or wolf like creatures some seen at night, but several were seen during the day.

Investigators tried to rule out eyewitness collusion by showing up unannounced at neighbors houses without calling first. This tactic was designed to limit neighbors calling neighbors, or witnesses “preparing” their stories. The dozens of eyewitness stories collected 2008-2011 were remarkably consistent and all described upright wolf like or dog like creatures within close proximity to the Skinwalker Ranch.

Interestingly, of the over 600 anomalous incidents gathered on the 480 acre Skinwalker Ranch property itself from 1994-2016, very few describe the dogman phenomenon. It is almost as if the dogmen stalk the outskirts of Skinwalker Ranch without necessarily invading the perimeter of the property.

Increased Dogmen Reports near Skinwalker Ranch after 2008

Readers of Hunt for the Skinwalker (1) are familiar with the concept of a wide variety of anomalies catalogued on Skinwalker Ranch property including Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), Bigfoot or Sasquatch, discarnate voices, hauntings, unidentified orange “holes” through which craft could be seen flying, poltergeist phenomena, cattle mutilations, dog killings and a wide variety of assorted bizarre paranormal episodes.

Only a tiny minority of ranch reports involve sightings of dogmen, but one earlier report described in Hunt for the Skinwalker took place in Fort Duchesne, the small village located a stone’s throw from the ranch is so bizarre as to defy belief. A security officer told investigators that a few times humans with dog heads were seen in the middle of the village of Fort Duchesne “smoking cigarettes”. Kelleher and Knapp describe this incident in Hunt for the Skinwalker as: “The figures he (the security officer) described are so unusual, so far outside the concept of reality as to be almost comical, like something out of a Saturday morning cartoon”. Yet, famed UFO investigator Ted Philipps in his investigations of the Marley Woods UFO hot spot in Southern Missouri also encountered a bizarre tale of dogmen smoking cigarettes.

Regardless of these quasi comical stories, a central thesis of this article is that the dozens of eyewitness reports of dogmen stalking the Skinwalker Ranch only came to the attention of Skinwalker Ranch investigators in late 2008/early 2009, about four years after the publication of the Hunt for the Skinwalker book. The NIDS investigations of 1996-2003 which also involved interviewing several dozens of eyewitnesses around Skinwalker ranch never turned up any reports or evidence of dogmen.

Famed local UFO celebrity Joseph (Junior) Hicks has been collecting reports of anomalies since 1951 from locals in the Uintah Basin. Hicks was science teacher at the local Roosevelt high school when he first began to hear reports of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) in the Uintah Basin. Hicks soon established a reputation for integrity and the ability to keep confidential information to himself, so local inhabitants began to relay reports to him. Over the years 1950-2017 Hicks, now a spry 90 years of age, has received several hundreds, maybe over a thousand, reports of anomalies throughout the Uintah Basin. The majority of the reports comprise “nuts and bolts” flying machines of unknown origin.

However, even Junior Hicks is not exempt from reports of the enigmatic “dogmen”. Hicks recounts a bizarre case of two young women encountering a dogman at a graveyard near Roosevelt several years ago. The creature fits the classic description of the animals seen in the vicinity of Skinwalker Ranch. The women became frightened by the menacing wolf like animal standing on two legs gazing silently at them, so they hurriedly got into their vehicle and sped off. Both women were terrified to realize that the creature was running on two legs close to the car and even more terrifying, appeared to be able to keep up with the vehicle. This bizarre drama continued for several miles after which the dogman veered off in another direction and was soon lost in the darkness.

Dogmen Around the United States

Saints Stephen & Christopher.png

It was only when Skinwalker Ranch investigators began to look beyond the Ranch that it became obvious that the “dogman” phenomenon was not confined to rural Utah, but in fact was a national epidemic covering dozens of states. Ex newspaper reporter and author Linda Godfrey has collected scores of eyewitness testimonies from the Eastern part of the United States. Her book “The Michigan Dogmen” (2) is recommended reading and describes dozens of dogmen walking or running on two legs in Michigan, Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Virginia, Maryland, Wisconsin and in other states.

Why the Dogmen?

What is the explanation for the apparent upsurge in dogmen sightings around Skinwalker Ranch as well as in Eastern part of the United States? Has there been a sudden upsurge of magic mushroom ingestion around Skinwalker Ranch and around the Eastern US? Have people always encountered dogmen in these locations and never reported them, but now feel there is a more permissive environment in which to report these events? It is no secret that when Hunt for the Skinwalker was first published in 2005, thousands of copies were purchased in the Uintah Basin. Did the bizarre material documented in the book somehow lead to a greater social acceptance for coming forward and openly talking about dogmen standing on two legs whereas previously Uintah Basin inhabitants kept mum out of fear of ridicule or worse? Or are the latent deepest darkest fears of people in rural areas of the country suddenly coming alive and “manifesting” as dogmen or werewolves? Are dogmen stalking the outskirts of Skinwalker Ranch and other states an expression of long-suppressed fears of “monsters” in the Uintah Basin and elsewhere in rural America? Are the gates of hell opening?


1.     Kelleher CA and Knapp G (2005) Hunt for The Skinwalker; Science Confronts the Unexplained at a Remote Ranch in Utah. Pocket Books; Simon & Schuster, New York NY.

2.     Godfrey Linda S (2010). The Michigan Dogman; Werewolves and Other Unknown Canines Across the USA. Unexplained Research Publishing Company, Eau Claire WI.


Article by Contributor, Hunt The Skinwalker

To what extent does the research data gathered on Skinwalker Ranch support the hypothesis that the “phenomenon” actively evades comprehensive detection and engages in deception?

Over the years, many of the Skinwalker Ranch researchers told us (the Hunt the Skinwalker team) of the frustration they experienced in trying to utilize scientific methodology to track the elusive “phenomenon” on the ranch. Ranch researchers described several operational checklists that were rigorously adhered to before embarking on night watches on the ranch.

These checklists included:

  • Verifying that all portable surveillance equipment was in working order.
  • Verifying that all camera, nightvision and surveillance equipment batteries were fully charged and that spare batteries were available.
  • Checking that communication equipment was functional

The NIDS scientists encountered a litany of frustrating phenomena that were unexpected, sudden, transient, fleeting and non-reproducible. Researchers succeeded in capturing and recording multiple phenomena; however few of sensor data were worthy of publication in peer reviewed scientific publications.

Researchers also told the Hunt the Skinwalker team of hundreds of all night stakeouts on the ranch only to discover that in multiple cases investigators had been in the wrong place---witnesses subsequently reported activity near areas of the ranch not covered by personnel on the previous night. On one particular night in 1997 the NIDS team was clustered at the East end of the ranch to try to take advantage of several sightings that had occurred on the previous two nights in the same area as reported by one of the neighboring families adjacent to the ranch.

The night watch was tense with expectation and by 5AM the next morning the exhausted and disappointed NIDS group, having been on high alert for eight hours with nothing seen, decided to grab some sleep. A day later, the NIDS personnel were contacted by a local inhabitant to report a spectacular series of low altitude UFOs, exhibiting abrupt 90 degree turns in the sky, that had occurred out of the line of sight at the West end of the property. This “bait and switch” pattern was repeated often enough for the NIDS researchers to gradually realize that perhaps this was more than just bad luck.

On dozens of occasions cameras and video cameras carried by scientists abruptly lost battery charge when personnel were trying to photograph a transient anomaly. On one memorable occasion in late 1996, two NIDS scientists with cameras at the ready watched in awe as a fast moving, completely silent UFO flew in from the North travelling faster than an F-18 fighter and executed a perfect U-turn at high speed over the astonished researchers. The absence of engine noise and the lack of any frame of reference by which to judge the altitude of the object was perceptually disorienting to one of the observers. The entire sighting lasted only a few seconds during which time the scientists were frantically trying to activate the cameras, both of which had suddenly lost power. Other occasions occurred when film of anomalies was blank or over exposed. Over many years these “coincidental mishaps” became the rule.

In spite of over seven years of continuous surveillance by security cameras on the Skinwalker Ranch, although several transient phenomena were recorded, no definitive evidence was collected and many events happened outside the surveillance sensors field of view. 
A few instances of forcible destruction of cameras and equipment by unseen perpetrators were discovered, as described by Kelleher and Knapp in their book Hunt for the Skinwalker (1).
The “Gorman” family, who lived in an increasing state of escalating fear on the Ranch between 1994-1996, reported to different researchers, including NIDS personnel, that the Skinwalker Ranch “phenomenon” engaged in continuous secretive cat and mouse games and appeared to be always one step ahead of them. Fifteen of these “trickster” incidents out of scores were relayed by the Gorman family to researchers:

(1)    The Gorman son was cutting wood and stopped to rest. He laid the chain saw next to him and when he went to resume his work the chain saw had disappeared. After looking for a considerable length of time, he returned to the truck to get another chainsaw only to find the original machine placed on the back of the truck which was parked about 100 feet away.

(2)    Gorman was fixing a barbed fence at the end of the day. He briefly laid his pliers down on the ground. When he bent down to pick them up they were gone. He searched unsuccessfully for them until it got dark. When he returned the next morning, the same pair of pliers were hanging from the fence exactly where he had been working the day before.

(3)    The Gorman son was watering the animals and turned off the water before returning to the house for the night. Since the well was not very deep, he knew that it was essential to turn off the water, otherwise the well could not be used for at least 24 hours. The next morning they found the water had been running all night. This happened two nights in a row.

(4)    A fence post pounder, weighing 75 pounds, disappeared one lunch time from where Gorman had left it and then reappeared after extensively searching the area in exactly the same spot two days later.

(5)    Gorman was working with a post digger in the large field and the family decided to go to the house for a lunch break. After lunch Gorman discovered the post digger was gone. He and the family searched the area thoroughly for the post digger but found nothing. Eventually after a day they went out and bought a replacement. Suddenly Gorman spotted his old post digger 12 feet off the ground in an elm tree. The digger had been carefully placed leaning on a branch and wedged against the trunk of the tree. It would have been impossible for anyone to simply throw the post digger up the tree.

(6)    Numerous instances when shovels were gone while digging irrigating ditches and then found in unusual places later.

(7)    Water hoses would disappear and then be found in unusual places always rolled into a neat circle of 3-4 feet diameter.

(8)    Gorman was fixing a fence and had a coffee can full of staples. He placed them on the ground beside him and then turned to use them to find that the coffee can was gone. The coffee can of staples then was found in exactly the same location two days later.

(9)    Gorman was digging fence post holes and he had placed a large iron bar beside him. He turned to use it and discovered it was gone. He searched for it. They found a few weeks later stuck into another fence post protruding about four feet from the top of the piping. The location was about 400 yards from where it had disappeared.

(10)    Gorman was welding a pipe fence and he took a break towards the end of the day. He removed his helmet and gloves to drink some water. The gloves and helmet had disappeared from beside him, and he searched for them until dark. The next morning the helmet and gloves had reappeared exactly where he had originally put them down.

(11)    Sights on firearms were commonly moved, scope caps were gone and then returned.

(12)    Gorman had bought a new dog collar for an especially aggressive dog that he owned. The collar disappeared from the dog the next day. The collar then reappeared on the dog about 24 hours later.

(13)    An aggressive healer which they always kept chained up was found unchained several days in a row.

 (14)    Irrigation head gates were found inappropriately opened or closed several times with no tire tracks or footprints in vicinity.

(15)    Several times Gorman’s wife was cooking dinner and laid her spatula down on a ceramic bowl or elsewhere in the kitchen so the spatula would not drip. She turned to use it and it was gone. The spatula would later turn up in the fridge, the freezer, the microwave or some other unusual or inappropriate spot.

These routine “poltergeist” or “trickster” events plagued the family on a daily or weekly basis for years and seemed designed to provoke annoyance, anger or other emotional upset. When placed into the context of the killing and mutilation of over a dozen of their cattle, the events gradually assumed a more sinister flavor for the family. Each of the above 15 examples of minor annoyances reeked of the deceptive nature and hostile tactics of the phenomenon. Several of these cat and mouse games bordered on psychological warfare methodology, some of which are described in Hunt for the Skinwalker (1).

In summary, hundreds of days and nights chasing ephemeral UFOs and other anomalous phenomena, both on the Skinwalker ranch and in Northern New Mexico, indicated to researchers that the phenomenon appeared to be actively evading detection.

Deception in a Broader Context:

Beyond the decades of disturbing and evasive tactics that were recorded on Skinwalker Ranch, the broader view of anomalous phenomena, including the UFO phenomenon, also appears tainted by deception and covert behavior. Jacques Vallee’s masterful book “Messengers of Deception (2) describes the scope of this deception. In it Vallee observes: ”The phenomenon involves more than a simple craft using an advanced form of propulsion; it involves a technology that can distort the observer’s sense of reality.” Author Chris O’Brien in his book “The Mysterious Valley” (3) presents examples from the San Luis Valley, Colorado and elsewhere of the phenomenon in multiple hotspots taking on “trickster” guises and exhibiting deceptive, covert behavior. 

Who can forget John Keel’s riveting description of deception and trickster behavior detailed in his classic book Operation Trojan Horse (4): “Within a year after I had launched my full time UFO investigating efforts in 1966, the phenomenon had zeroed in on me, just as it had done with the British newspaper editor Arthur Shuttlewood and so many others. My telephone ran amok at first, with mysterious strangers calling me day and night to deliver bizarre messages “from the space people”. Then I was catapulted into the dream like fantasy world of demonology. I kept rendezvous with black Cadillacs on Long Island and when I tried to pursue them they would disappear impossibly on dead end roads… luminous aerial objects seemed to follow me around like faithful dogs. The objects seemed to know where I was going and where I had been. I would check into a motel at random only to find that someone had made a reservation in my name. I was plagued by impossible coincidences and some of my closest friends began to report strange experiences of their own—poltergeist erupted in their apartments, ugly smells of hydrogen sulfide haunted them…”

So, experience suggests that the phenomenon is actively evasive and deceptive. Crucially, active evasion and deliberate deception renders normal scientific research impotent. A fundamental tenet of scientific research is that experimental data is assumed to be valid. Not so on Skinwalker Ranch. Ranch researchers told us on many occasions that they thought human perception itself was sometimes manipulated so that different people watching the same phenomenon reported wildly different experiences.

And Hunt the Skinwalker team are suggesting that this deception is INDEPENDENT of the taxpayer funded “active measure” UFO deceptions being perpetrated since the 1970s by various intelligence agencies and other United States Government departments. The team agrees with Jacques Vallee and suggests that the technological attributes of science should be used when framing the mystery as an intelligence problem. Of course, the United States public has seen massive intelligence failures over the past few decades so the jury is out on whether treating the UFO phenomenon as an intelligence problem is a solution to this widespread pattern of deception and evasiveness. In a future article, the consequences and meaning of active deception will be addressed.

On June 24 2017, literally 70 years since Kenneth Arnold’s famous sighting ushered in the “modern” era of anomalies investigations, it is not so amazing that we have so little to show from 70 years of investigation. We can perhaps give some credit to the phenomenon’s deceptive tactics for this lack of progress.


1.    Kelleher C & Knapp G (2005) Hunt for the Skinwalker: Science Confronts the Unexplained at a Remote Ranch in Utah. Simon and Schuster, New York

2.    Vallee, Jacques (1979) Messengers of Deception: UFO Contacts and Cults. And/Or Press Berkeley, California

3.    O’Brien, Christopher (1996) The Mysterious Valley. Saint Martins Press.

4.    Keel, John (1970) Operation Trojan Horse. Putnam and Son New York.


Corbell's feature film, PATIENT SEVENTEEN, will soon be released for public viewing.

SYNOPSIS: Meet a surgeon who claims to remove highly advance implants, nanotechnology microchips imbedded by aliens, non-humans monitoring our earth. Discover the world of abductions, scalar wave transmissions, and a program to study or manipulate the human race. Armed with a patient, a scalpel, black lights and a stud finder; we seek to verify the authenticity of this alleged Off-World Implant Technology.


Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell with Skinwalker Ranch in the background, UTAH

The HUNT THE SKINWALKER team visited locations throughout the Uinta Basin, to document events and history of high-strangeness that transpire in the local areas. We were welcomed to sites in Fort Duchesne, investigating numerous places and cases of UFOs, Skinwalkers and anomalous happenings of all kinds. We specifically want to thank Corey Serawop, with gratitude to the Ute Indian Tribal Council and those in charge of security. We greatly value the hospitality and openness we were gifted. We appreciate the good citizens of the Uintah Reservation for sharing their stories. We will honor what we learned. This is just the beginning.

Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell

On location with Corey Serawop as he describes a close encounter with a UFO or craft. He shows the visual size of the "spaceship" that he encountered, hovering over the top of the building about 25 feet in the air. You will hear more about this soon.

On location with Corey Serawop as he describes a close encounter with a UFO or craft. He shows the visual size of the "spaceship" that he encountered, hovering over the top of the building about 25 feet in the air. You will hear more about this soon.

Hunt The Skinwalker / Update #1 / Broadcast on the Scott Helmer radio show


Robert Bigelow is the billionaire who quietly and privately funneled money into researching the UFO problem for over two decades. He was the owner of Skinwalker Ranch that allowed you to know about it. Now focused on human spaceflight and habitation of other worlds, he was featured in an interview on 60 Minutes that aired on television tonight. He talked about Bigelow Aerospace, and the tremendous achievements it has made. The reporter also asked him about his private interests regarding UFOs.  Strong words. What do you think?

Lara Logan: Do you believe in aliens?

Robert Bigelow: Mr. Bigelow: I’m absolutely convinced. That’s all there is to it.

Lara Logan: Do you also believe that UFOs have come to Earth?

Robert Bigelow: There has been, and is an existing presence; an ET presence. And I've spent millions and millions - I've probably spent more as an individual, than anybody else in the Unites States has ever spent on this subject.

Lara Logan: Is it risky for you to say in public that you believe in UFOs and aliens?

Robert Bigelow: I don’t give a damn. I don’t care.

Lara Logan: You don’t worry that some people will say, "Did you hear that guy, he sounds like he’s crazy?"

Robert Bigelow: I don’t care.

Lara Logan: Why not?

Robert Bigelow: It’s not gonna make a difference. It’s not going to change reality, of what I know.

Lara Logan: Do you imagine that in our space travels that we will encounter other forms of intelligent life?

You don’t have to go anywhere. 

Lara Logan: You can find it here?

Robert Bigelow: Yeah.

Lara Logan: Where exactly?

Robert Bigelow: It’s just like right under people’s noses.



"So, what I do is I try to distinguish the difference between Confirmation and Disclosure. To me, [there is] a very crucial difference, at least the way I choose to use those words. That is that, confirmation, means simply establishing, or the acknowledgment that the phenomena exists, that it's real. Getting the truth out, as too, just simply that the UFO topic is real, that these things really do exist, ET's really do exist. And that's it. You draw the line, you stop right there. And you've just once and for all, established that it's real. So I think Disclosure, is something that needs, it requires much more sophistication and how that process occurs, compared to Confirmation. Confirmation is not Disclosure, it doesn't require and mean the details have to be immediately flooded out regarding craft and occupants and all kinds of things. I see a complete difference there. I also see that, to me, Confirmation is in process. I think this is an ongoing effort now, that is accelerating. I think that it's on behalf of the phenomenon itself, because the exhibitions continue, and involvement in people's lives continue, so it's not as though there is an abatement in the prosecution of exhibitions on behalf of the phenomena, they don't stop."   - Robert Bigelow

Bigelow Aerospace's alien logo / CBS NEWS

Bigelow Aerospace's alien logo / CBS NEWS


Article by George Knapp, Part I

This picturesque ranch in northeastern Utah is the focal point of scientific research into the paranormal.

I'm sitting on a white plastic chair in what seems like total darkness. Strapped to my chest and shoulders is an array of electronic gear-microphones, a video camera, a box that detects magnetic changes and a Geiger counter. Somewhere in the mix is a flashlight, the only device whose function I understand, and thus, the only device I cannot find.

In front of me, I can almost make out the sinister shapes of some truly spooky trees. Malevolent bugs are buzzing in and out of my eyes and ears, and it occurs to me that there must be a tavern open somewhere nearby, even in this remote corner of Utah. One hundred or more yards away, beyond a barbed-wire fence and a little creek, are my fellow paranormal rangers, equipped with their own video cameras, night-vision glasses and assorted scientific gear. They are supposed to be watching me to see if anything happens.

On this night, I am the bait. Bait for what, I wonder? The unspoken hope is my own inherent weirdness quotient might give me some sort of connection to the undeniably odd energy, or entity, that seems to have concentrated itself on this remote rural community, and, in particular, on this small ranch where I now sit, waiting for something to announce its presence.

Some very strange things have happened at the precise spot where I'm sitting. It is here that a visitor was accosted by a roaring but nearly invisible creature, something akin to the Predator of movie fame. It is here that a Ph.D. physicist reported that his mind was invaded, literally taken over, by some sort of hostile intelligence that warned him that he was not welcome. It is here that an entire team of researchers watched in awe as a bright door or portal opened up in the darkness and a large humanoid creature crawled out before quickly vanishing. And it is here that several animals - cattle and dogs - were mutilated, obliterated or simply disappeared.

For as long as anyone can remember, this part of northeastern Utah has been the site of simply unbelievable paranormal activity. UFOs, Sasquatch, cattle mutilations, psychic manifestations, creatures that aren't found in any zoos or textbooks, poltergeist events. You name it, residents here have seen it.

Retired schoolteacher Junior Hicks is the area's unofficial historian for all things weird. He's catalogued 400 or so incidents, most of them involving UFO sightings, but says there have been thousands of other cases. Hicks estimates at least half of the 50,000 residents of this basin have seen weird things in the sky flying saucers, cigar-shaped craft, zigzagging balls of light, so many different objects that local police and the Highway Patrol long ago stopped taking reports. (Many of the lawmen have been witnesses themselves.) Hicks and members of his family have witnessed their own UFO events over the years.

"The UFO activity really started getting intense in the early '50s," Hicks says. "There were cases where the whole school and all the teachers saw these things hovering over the town in broad daylight. In the '60s and '70s, we probably had more UFO sightings than any place in the world."

But run-of-the-mill UFO events don't begin to describe the rich array of unusual phenomena in this area. The Ute Indian tribe has been here far longer than white settlers. Tribal leaders are reluctant to speak to outsiders, but their oral history is replete with examples of strange creatures and sightings. Indian lore refers to some of these beings as Skinwalkers. Other cultures call them shape-shifters, werewolves or Bigfoot.

NIDS researchers have installed sophisticated monitoring equipment at the ranch in hopes of detecting paranormal activity.

"The Utes take this very seriously," Hicks says. "They think the Skinwalkers are powerful spirits that are here because of a curse that was put on them generations ago by the Navajos. And the center of the whole legend is this ranch. The Utes say the ranch is 'the path of the Skinwalker.' Tribe members are strictly forbidden from setting foot on the property. It's been that way for a long time."

The ranch in question is a 480-acre spread of rich, well-watered pasture and a few thick patches of tall cottonwoods. It's divided into three sections, each section being a former homestead. Thick brush and a small river are on one side. A rocky, picturesque ridge is on the other side. Skinwalker Ridge is what the Utes call it, according to Hicks. A long dirt road is the only way in or out of the ranch.

When rancher Tom Gorman (not his real name) bought the place in 1994, it had been vacant for seven or eight years. Gorman, his wife and two kids were curious about the impressive array of bolts that covered the doors and windows of the main house. There were deadbolts on both sides of the doors. Even the kitchen cabinets had bolts on them. And at both ends of the house, iron stakes and heavy chains had been installed. Gorman guessed the previous tenants had positioned large guard dogs in the front and back of the home, but he had no idea why.

The bulletproof wolf.

On the day the Gormans moved their furnishings onto the property, they had their first foreshadowing of the events that would follow. They spotted an extremely large wolf out in the pasture. The wolf cautiously made its way across the field, and, to the surprise of everyone, sidled up to the family, acting like it was a familiar pet. It had rained that day, and the family remembers the wolf smelled like a wet dog as they were petting it.

After a few minutes, the wolf strolled over to the corral and grabbed a calf by its snout, attempting to pull it through the corral bars. Gorman and his father began beating on the wolf's back with sticks but it wouldn't release the calf. Gorman grabbed a .357 Magnum from his truck and shot the wolf at point-blank range. The slug had no noticeable effect.

Gorman pumped another bullet into the wolf, which then let go of the calf but stood looking at the family as if nothing had happened. Gorman shot it two more times with the powerful handgun. The big animal backed off a bit, but showed no signs of distress, not even any blood.

The mystified rancher retrieved a hunting rifle and shot the wolf again, once more at close range. Gorman is not only an experienced marksman but a big-game hunter of considerable repute. Five slugs should have been enough to bring down an elk, let alone a wolf. The fifth shot caused a chunk of hair and flesh to fly off the wolf, but it still didn't seem fazed. After a sixth shot, the wolf casually trotted across the field into a muddy thicket. Gorman and his father tracked the beast for about a mile, following its pawprints through the mud, but the tracks suddenly ended, as if the wolf had simply vanished into thin air.

Returning to the corral area, Gorman examined the chunk of wolf flesh and says it looked and smelled like rotten meat. He made inquiries among his neighbors, but no one seemed to know anything about any tame, over-sized wolves in the area. A few weeks later, Mrs. Gorman encountered a wolf that was so large, its back was parallel with the top of her window as it stood beside her car. The wolf was accompanied by a dog-like animal that she couldn't identify.

Over the next two years, a menagerie of weird animals was reported by family members and neighbors. While driving into the ranch on a bright afternoon, Gorman and his wife saw something attacking one of their horses. They described it as "low to the ground, heavily muscled, weighing perhaps 200 pounds, with curly red hair and a bushy tail." It somewhat resembled a muscular hyena and seemed to be clawing at their horse, almost playing with it. Gorman got within 40 feet of the animal but says it literally vanished before his eyes. Poof. Gone. They checked the horse and found numerous claw marks on its legs. (A few months later, the wife of a deputy sheriff reported seeing a similar muscular, reddish beast running across the property.)

Another visitor to the ranch had a more ominous encounter in the middle homestead, the same place where I was set out as bait. The visitor, along with Gorman and his son, say they saw a large blurry "something" moving through the trees. The visitor has been meditating when this thing showed up. It swiftly moved from the trees, across the pasture, covering 100 yards in seconds, and when it reached the man, it let out a ferocious roar, something akin to a large bear, a roar loud enough to be heard hundreds of yards away. But this was no bear. It was, according to the Gormans, nearly invisible, resembling the camouflaged being in the movie Predator. The visitor was so scared, he grabbed on to Gorman and wouldn't let go. He left the ranch and has never returned.

Other creatures and beings were also seen, including exotic, multicolored birds that were certainly not native to the region and could not be identified. There were numerous close encounters with dark, nine-foot-tall beasts that resembled a Bigfoot or Sasquatch. (More on those incidents will follow.)

As if those visual experiences weren't enough, the family claims its other senses were also challenged by assorted weird events. They often were overwhelmed by strong musk odors. The pastures would unexplainably light up at night like a football stadium. They claim to have seen shafts of light that seemingly emanated from the ground, They (and others) say they heard what sounded like heavy machinery operating under the earth. And they heard voices. Tom, his son and his nephew remember hearing a loud, disembodied conversation in some unintelligible language. The disembodied male voices spoke in what the witnesses say was a mocking tone and sounded like they were emanating from 20 or more feet above their heads, but they saw nothing. The dogs accompanying the three witnesses growled and barked at the voices, then took off in a panic.

There were physical manifestations that aren't easily explained. While checking on his herd in the third homestead, Gorman noticed that someone had dug up his pasture. Hundreds of pounds of soil had been scooped out of the ground. The edges of the hole resembled perfect, concentric circles, as if someone had dropped a gigantic cookie cutter on the pasture. Several smaller scoop marks were also found.

The Gormans also report phenomena similar to crop circles. One formation found in their pasture consisted of three circles of flattened grass. Each circle was approximately eight feet in diameter, and they were arranged in a triangular pattern, with each circle about 30 feet from the others. Keep in mind, there is only one road leading into the ranch. Anyone coming in or going out would almost certainly be noticed by the Gormans or their neighbors.

UFOs and other aerial oddities.

In the spring of 1995, the Gormans started seeing strange things in the sky. While out checking on their cattle, Gorman and his nephew spotted what they thought was a recreational vehicle parked on the property. They approached it, figuring the driver might be having mechanical trouble. As they got closer, the RV moved silently away from them. They moved closer, it moved further away. They climbed a fence to get a better look at it, and that's when they knew this was no Winnebago. The craft rose above the treetops and slowly flew away, making no sound as it departed. It certainly wasn't a helicopter. The witnesses had a clear view and say the object was shaped like a refrigerator, with a single light on its front and a red light on the back.

Before long, everyone in the family was seeing weird aerial objects. Mrs. Gorman says something that resembled a stealth fighter, but ringed with blinking disco lights, silently hovered about 20 feet above her vehicle before zipping off. Each family member had repeated sightings of a cloud that usually hovered just outside the property. The cloud was characterized as having "blinking Christmas tree lights" or "silent, mini-explosions" inside. Among the other aerial craft seen by the Gormans, their neighbors and other witnesses were classic flying-saucer objects, flying sombreros, shafts of light similar to fluorescent light bulbs and a cigar-shaped craft several football fields long.

By far the most common objects they witnessed were floating spheres of different sizes and colors. In 1995 and 1996, the Gormans and others reported 12 separate incidents of seeing large orange circles flying over the trees of the center homestead. Tom Gorman claims that holes occasionally opened up in the orange spheres and other smaller spheres would fly out. (A neighboring rancher told this reporter of his own encounters with what he called a flying orange basketball.)

By early 1996, the sightings of blue spheres at the ranch became almost commonplace. These orbs were said to be about the size of a softball, made of glass and filled with bubbling blue liquids that seemed to rotate inside. Mr. and Mrs. Gorman say that in April 1996, they watched one of the blue orbs repeatedly circle the head of one of their horses, The horse was illuminated by an intense blue light, and there was a sound like static electricity in the air, but this wasn't ball lightning. The orb seemed to be intelligently controlled. When Gorman approached the horse with a flashlight, the orb darted off, maneuvering through tree branches with speed and dexterity.

The Gormans say the blue spheres seemed to generate severe psychological effects on the family. Family members felt waves of fear roll over them, far in excess of what might be normal, whenever the blue orbs appeared. It was the appearance of one blue orb in particular that finally convinced the Gormans to sell the ranch.

One evening in May 1996, Gorman was outside with three of his dogs when he noticed a blue orb darting around in the field near the ranch house. Gorman urged his dogs to go after the ball. The dogs chased and snapped at the orb, but it dodged and maneuvered enough to stay just beyond the reach of their snapping jaws. The ball led the dogs out across the pasture and into the thick brush that borders the field. Gorman says he heard the dogs make three terrible yelps, then they were silent. He called for them, but they didn't respond.

The next morning, Gorman went to look for the dogs. What he found were three round spots of dried and brittle vegetation. In the middle of each circle was a black, greasy lump. Gorman surmised that his dogs had been incinerated by something. One thing for sure, the dogs were never seen again. The disappearance of their dogs prompted the Gormans to think about getting out.

Mutilations and other animal mysteries.

Tom Gorman wasn't some country-bumpkin farmer trying to get by. He had college degrees and advanced training in animal husbandry, was considered an expert in artificial insemination and had plans for raising hybrid, high-end stock at the picturesque ranch. His herd, which ranged from 60-80 head, consisted of expensive, top-of-the-line heifers and four 2,000-pound show-class bulls.

From the day he moved his herd onto the ranch, though, his hopes - and his animals - seemed to be under assault. The balls of light that were seen so often on the property seemed to take special interest in the cattle and were often seen buzzing around the heads of the animals. Sometimes, the cattle would react violently, the herd splitting suddenly as if some invisible force was plowing through their middle. It soon got worse.

Although the Gormans kept close watch on their stock, something began exacting a terrible toll. One cow was found dead in a field. A strange, crisp hole had been cut in one of its eyes. There were no tracks or blood, and Gorman wondered what could do such a thing. He noticed a strong musk odor around the carcass, a smell he would come to know all too well.

Other cattle were carved up, as if with pinking shears.

Cattle mutilations have been reported throughout North America for several decades. In typical cases, the ears, eyes, udders and sex organs are removed with surgical precision. Gorman's animals were subjected to all of the above.

As an experienced hunter and rancher, Gorman was more than familiar with the capabilities of natural predators. This wasn't being done by coyotes or mountain lions. The butchery was simply too clean. And no blood was ever left at the scene of the attacks. His other animals also suffered. His favorite horse had its legs slashed, as if by sharp instruments or claws. (The musk odor was still in the air when he discovered the damaged horse.) His dogs seemed to develop paranoia. They stayed inside their doghouses for days at a time, too fearful to emerge for food. Six of the family's cats vanished in one night.

Soon, cattle started disappearing altogether. One of the animals vanished from a snow-covered field. Gorman saw the hoofprints lead into the field, but the tracks simply stopped, as if the animal had been plucked from the sky. A 1,200-pound cow leaves tracks in snow, Gorman told himself, so what happened to this one?

In all, 14 of Gorman's prized animals were either sliced up or vanished. In one instance, a cow was found mutilated just five minutes after Gorman's son had checked on it. Something cut a hole, six inches wide and 18 inches deep, in the animal's rectum. The cored-out section extended into the cow's body cavity, yet there was no blood on the cow or on the snow-covered ground.

The loss of 14 expensive animals from an 80-head herd is extreme by any standards. (There were other losses as well, but from explainable causes.) It meant that Gorman was close to financial collapse. One April afternoon, Gorman and his wife took a quick drive to town for supplies. As they passed the corral that contained their four bulls, they commented to each other that they would really be in trouble if something should happen to one of the bulls.

When they returned to the ranch less than an hour later, all four of the bulls were gone. The Gormans began a frantic search for the missing behemoths but couldn't find a trace. As a last resort, Gorman decided to peek into a metal trailer that is situated inside the corral. He thought it highly unlikely that the bulls would be inside because, from the corral, there is only one door into the trailer and it was secured with thick metal wire, wire that clearly was still in place.

Gorman was shocked to see that all four of his bulls were inside the trailer, squeezed like so many oversized sardines into the tiny enclosure, crammed in against the sides of the trailer and against each other. When he yelled to his wife that he had found them, the bulls seemingly woke up, as if from a dream state, and started kicking the hell out of the trailer and each other.

"There is simply no way that anyone could coax those four bulls into that trailer," says Colm Kelleher, a microbiologist who would come to know the Gormans well. "It would be tough enough to get one of them into the trailer, but all four? Virtually impossible. The only door leading from the corral into the trailer was still securely fastened with wire. And there were cobwebs on the inside of the door, proving that it had not been opened. It's almost as if someone overheard the ranchers' worries about their bulls, then decided to mess with them."

NIDS to the rescue.

Kelleher didn't realize it back in 1996, but the Gorman ranch was to soon become his home away from home. Kelleher is the deputy administrator of NIDS, the National Institute for Discovery Science, a Las Vegas-based research organization founded by local businessman Robert Bigelow. Bigelow's long-standing interest in paranormal topics, including UFOs, animal mutilations and human consciousness, prompted him to assemble an impressive team of physicists, engineers, psychologists and other doctorate-level professionals for the purpose of investigating subjects that are largely shunned by mainstream science.

By the middle of 1996, the Gormans were ready to cash in their chips. Those who know Tom Gorman say he blamed himself for the weird string of events that had ruined his ranching operation. He didn't want to give up but felt cursed, and was ready to bail for the sake of his family. In an uncharacteristic moment, he told parts of his story to a news reporter. A respected journalist from Salt Lake City heard about it, came to the ranch and talked to the family. Pictures were taken, and a wire service picked up the story. That's how Bob Bigelow first learned about the ranch.

Bigelow and his team flew to Utah and introduced themselves to the Gormans. NIDS staffers checked out the story, interviewed neighbors and evaluated the Gorman's seemingly incredible tales. Bigelow offered to buy the ranch outright with the idea of transforming it into an interactive paranormal laboratory, an ongoing experiment that might shed some light on questions that have been viewed with scientific skepticism. Amazingly, he talked the Gormans into staying at the ranch as caretakers.

By that point, the family was a wreck. The UFOs, balls of light, cattle mutilations, animal disappearances, Bigfoot sightings and Skinwalker legends were bad enough, but there had also been an ongoing series of more personal events. Things had occurred within their home that had made a normal life impossible. They saw apparitions in the house, blinding lights, dark creatures peering in the windows. Furnishings, tools and everyday items moved around, disappeared or turned up in unusual places.

No one could sleep. When they did manage to grab a few hours, they were plagued by violent nightmares, often discovering later that different family members had experienced identical dreams. The two kids, honor students before arriving at the ranch, saw their grades plummet. Mrs. Gorman lost her job at a local bank because of her repeated absences and disturbing water-cooler tales. Hoping for safety in numbers, the Gormans slept each night on the floor of their front room.

The folks from NIDS offered moral, emotional and financial support to the Gormans. What's more, they had a plan. The ranch presented what appeared to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to legitimately study a full menu of paranormal activities. They endeavored to seal off the ranch, pack it with high-tech monitoring equipment, staff it round-the-clock with trained observers, and see what happens.

Some residents sarcastically wondered what the hucksters from Las Vegas really had in mind. A scam of some sort was one oft-mentioned possibility. UFO buffs whined that Bob Bigelow was a "shadowy" guy who may or may not have CIA connections and that he was out to somehow corner the market on E.T. They demanded that whatever happened at the ranch should be made immediately available for their evaluation. And paranormal debunkers predicted the NIDS team would come up empty-handed because unexplained events inevitably wither under careful scrutiny.

As it turned out, all three groups were wrong. NIDS did seal off the ranch from outside observers but not for any monetary gain. Neither the CIA nor any other government agency had any input or access to the things that have occurred under the NIDS watch. And the phenomena itself did not wither or evaporate.

For the past six years, events at the ranch have been under constant scrutiny. Witnesses, including highly accomplished scientists and law enforcement personnel, have documented a mind-boggling array of unusual activity. But there has been a near-total blackout on the release of any information about the site.

By agreement with Bigelow, this reporter was granted the first outside access to the ranch and to the scientists and ex-lawmen who've been studying it. Interviews were conducted with ranch personnel, as well as with community members who had reported unusual events. And several nights were spent out on the ranch itself, watching for odd lights or other manifestations.

No one who has studied this can say with any certainty what's going on here. The NIDS researchers are not making any claims about E.T.s or ghosts or Skinwalkers. They are merely collecting data and trying to make some sense of it. That is small comfort to me as I sit in the darkness on my little plastic chair, waiting for something to happen. The mind certainly can play tricks in such an environment, but could so many witnesses be completely wrong?


* Originally printed in the Las Vegas Mercury


Article by George Knapp, Part II

Las Vegas businessman sets up shop at Utah ranch to study paranormal activities.

This is the second of two reports about persistent stories of anomalous phenomena in a section of northeastern Utah. The activity, as reported by hundreds of witnesses over several decades, includes UFOs, unusual balls of light, animal mutilations and disappearances, poltergeist events, sightings of Bigfoot-like creatures and other unidentified animals, physical effects on plants, soil, animals and humans, and a vast array of other unexplained incidents.

The activities seem most concentrated on a 480-acre cattle ranch owned by the family of Tom Gorman. (Gorman isn't his real name.) In 1996, the ranch was purchased by Las Vegas businessman Robert Bigelow, who arranged for an intense, ongoing scientific study of events at the ranch. By agreement with Bigelow, and at the request of many of the witnesses, a few names have been changed or omitted to protect those who don't want to be hassled by media outlets or UFO enthusiasts.

It began as a dull white light, appearing out of nowhere in the darkness of the middle homestead of the Gorman ranch. Tom Gorman saw it. So did a researcher named Chad Deetken. It was nearly 2 a.m. on Aug. 28, 1997. Gorman and Deetken were out in the pasture as part of an ongoing effort to document unusual activity on the property.

Both men watched intently as the light grew brighter. It was as if someone had opened a window or doorway. Gorman grabbed his night vision binoculars to get a better look but could hardly believe what he was seeing. The dull light began to resemble a bright portal, and at one end of the portal, a large, black humanoid figure seemed to be struggling to crawl through the tunnel of light.

After a few minutes, the humanoid figure wriggled out of the light and took off into the darkness. As it did, the window of light snapped shut, as if someone had flicked the "off" switch. Deetken had the presence of mind to snap a few photos of the event, but would later learn that his film had recorded little of what the two men had witnessed.

Tom Gorman, his wife, two teenage kids and several extended family members had grown accustomed to weird things happening at the ranch. They had seen numerous UFO-type craft, as well as balls of light that seemed to be intelligently controlled. Their neighbors had seen them too. Residents of this basin have been reporting similar phenomena since the '50s. Native Americans say the sightings extend back even further. But aerial anomalies weren't the strangest occurrences on or near the ranch, not by a longshot.

In his two years on the property, Tom Gorman had lost 14 head of cattle from his hybrid herd. Some animals simply disappeared, as if plucked from the sky. Others were carved up with surgical precision. Family members and neighbors had also seen Bigfoot-like creatures, oversized wolves, animals and birds that no one could identify. Their horses had been attacked, their dogs incinerated, their cats abducted.

The Gormans themselves were bedeviled, almost daily, by odd little household incidents that, separately, wouldn't amount to much, but when considered together, were hard to dismiss. Windows and doors in their home would rip open or slam shut, seemingly on their own. Frequently, when Mrs. Gorman would take a shower, she'd emerge from the tub to find that her towel and personal items had been removed from inside the locked bathroom. On one occasion, she returned from town with a large haul of groceries and other supplies. She carefully put the provisions away in various cabinets, walked into another room for a few minutes, and returned to find all the supplies back out on the kitchen table.

Clothing, tools and appliances seemed to develop lives of their own. But this wasn't the equivalent of socks disappearing in the laundry. For example, Gorman's son worked up a considerable sweat to meticulously stack a one-ton pile of cord wood on the south side of a treeline in the middle homestead. He took a 30-minute water break and returned to find that the ton of wood had been moved 100 yards to the north side of the tree line. Tools often disappeared, then reappeared on the range. In one instance, a heavy post hole digger vanished. It was finally discovered, days later, high up in the branches of a cottonwood tree, as if placed there by a crane. The uneasy feeling grew among family members that they were constantly being watched, but they had no idea who, or what, was doing the watching.

Enter Robert Bigelow and NIDS

Las Vegas businessman Robert Bigelow first heard about the Gorman ranch in the summer of 1996. A small newspaper article about mysterious events at the property prompted Bigelow and his team to fly to Utah. Bigelow bought the ranch and convinced Tom Gorman to stay on as caretaker, against the wishes of his family.

Bigelow is the founder of NIDS, the National Institute for Discovery Science, a Las Vegas research organization dedicated to the study of unexplained phenomena. NIDS staff members include highly trained and educated scientists, engineers and former law enforcement personnel with solid credentials, degrees and experience. Although the organization investigates seemingly bizarre events, it has no preconceived ideas about the true nature of the subject matter and is primarily interested in getting to the truth, wherever that truth leads. (This observation is a personal one, based on more than six years of interaction with the NIDS organization.)

NIDS staffers emphasize that they are constantly drilled by Bigelow and by his Science Advisory Board to rigidly adhere to the scientific method. ("The Science Board really holds our feet to the fire," one staff member confides.) Because the subject matter itself is so controversial in science circles, NIDS realizes that any deviation from the scientific method would mean a loss of credibility. If they were deemed a crackpot organization, their findings, no matter how profound or well-documented, would be dismissed out of hand.

The Gorman ranch presented a unique opportunity to study a rich tapestry of strange stuff. It was as if someone had ordered up the Weirdness Pizza With Everything on It. UFOs and Sasquatch, balls of light and cattle mutilations, poltergeists and crop circles, psychic manifestations and Native American legends - the ranch sounded like a unique place in all the world. NIDS staffers knew they had to be careful but also knew they couldn't merely dismiss the stories told by locals.

"We had no preconceived ideas about what was going on, but we decided to use an 'open-filter' approach to gathering information," says one senior NIDS staffer. "We had a lot of reservations about the legends of skinwalkers, Bigfoot sightings, all the things the family claimed to have seen, but we decided to collect all the data we could get, without dismissing it outright, and figured we could evaluate it all later."

The NIDS team set up shop. They installed a command post, positioned video and other monitoring equipment around the ranch, built new fencing around the perimeter of the property to better control access to the site, constructed observation posts in the pastures and staffed the property with trained observers. The effort constitutes the most intense and thorough surveillance of a UFO hot spot ever undertaken.

UFO researchers were incensed at being excluded from the study. They floated rumors that Bigelow was working for the CIA, that he and NIDS were already in contact with E.T., and that whatever information was gleaned from the ranch probably would be locked away in dark vaults under the Pentagon. The constant criticism prompted the publicity-shy Bigelow to grant a rare interview. He told a Utah newspaper that NIDS was not communicating with either extraterrestrials or lizard people. He appealed, perhaps in vain, for a reasonable amount of time, free from outside interference, so a legitimate study might be undertaken.

"We know so little in terms of what the overall scope of the phenomena are that it's just embarrassing to try and make some conclusions at this point," Bigelow said. He admitted that the activity at the ranch seemed to be "selective in how it exposes itself and to whom," suggesting that a tailgate-party atmosphere where people sit around outside the ranch, barbecuing hot dogs while awaiting flying saucers, would not be conducive to a scientific study. Not surprisingly, this plea for sanity fell on deaf ears among the UFO faithful. They were so busy expressing their outrage over being barred from private property that they failed to grasp the major clue dropped by Bigelow during his interview.

A pre-cognitive intelligence.

Contrary to some predictions, the odd phenomena at the ranch didn't evaporate under the glare of scientific scrutiny. Activity continued, but grew even harder to comprehend. NIDS staffers saw the same balls of light, even UFO-type craft that the Gormans had seen. But their attempts to photograph or videotape the sightings were largely futile. Team members, accompanied by Gorman and former lawmen who were hired for the study, often saw anomalous aerial phenomena, with their eyes, their binoculars and with night vision equipment. With few exceptions, though, the images inexplicably could not be recorded on film or video.

A confidential report prepared for NIDS board members and obtained by this reporter documents dozens of encounters involving NIDS staffers, the Gormans and other witnesses. After several months of round-the-clock surveillance, a mind-boggling pattern began to emerge. The phenomena, whatever they represent, seemed capable of anticipating the moves of the scientists. If they placed extra cameras and personnel in the southern field, the activity would pop up in the northern pasture. If they concentrated their observations in the center homestead, the activity might move to the ridge overlooking the ranch.

Skeptics might suggest that such an explanation for a lack of photographic evidence sounds a little too convenient. But something happened on July 19, 1998, that sheds further light on the challenge faced by the research team. Soon after arriving at the ranch, NIDS had installed three telephone poles in one of the pastures. Atop each pole was a sophisticated package of censoring equipment, including multiple video cameras. The cameras had a full view of that section of the ranch and were connected to video recorders back in the command post. At exactly 8:30 p.m., the three cameras on the westernmost telephone pole were suddenly disabled. When NIDS staffers went to check out the problem, they saw that something had shredded their electronic equipment. Wires had been ripped out of the cameras with considerable force. Plastic brackets were snapped in two. Thick layers of duct tape that had been used to secure the equipment had been ripped away. A foot-long piece of TV cable was missing. Analysis of the remaining cable showed it had been slashed with a knife.

Team members excitedly returned to the command center, knowing that the telephone pole that had been assaulted was in full view of cameras positioned atop the second pole, located about 200 feet away. The assumption was that, whatever had ripped the guts out of the first camera would be clearly visible on video recorded by the second. But when they rolled the tape back, they saw nothing. At the exact moment the first camera package was being vandalized, nothing visible could be seen anywhere near the second telephone pole. This incident set a pattern for what was to follow.

"I came up with a term for it," says Col. John Alexander, a retired Army intelligence officer who still works on classified projects with Los Alamos National Laboratory and remains an adviser to NATO organizations. "I called it a pre-cognitive sentient intelligence. It certainly seemed to be intelligent, and it seemed to know what we were going to do even before we did it."

Alexander is a former adviser to NIDS who made the trip to the ranch to see what was going on. As a scientist and military insider, he is reluctant to jump to any conclusions about the nature of what has happened there. But he suspects, after exploring the property and reading the witness reports, that there is an intelligence behind the assorted phenomena and that it almost seems to be playing a game with those who are trying to observe it.

Another NIDS staffer arrived at a similar conclusion. He has a doctorate in physics, a long list of peer-reviewed papers about cutting-edge scientific concepts, and a lengthy employment history with prominent think tanks and classified military programs. He asked that his name not be used in the belief that he would never again be hired for sensitive scientific work if his involvement with the ranch were made public.

"It's a very messy affair. Nothing is clear cut. It isn't as simple as saying that E.T.s or flying saucers are doing it," the scientist said. "It's some kind of consciousness, but it's always something new and different, something non-repeatable. It's reactive to people and equipment, and we set up the ranch to be a proving ground for the scientific method, but science doesn't seem amenable to the solution of these kinds of problems."

Ice and dinosaurs.

As if to punctuate the point, the phenomena at the ranch seemed to constantly evolve. One of the most recent incidents occurred on a cold morning in February. The caretaker for the property was patrolling the grounds early in the morning. As he walked past a watering hole, he noticed an odd circular impression in the thin ice that had formed overnight. Something had carved a perfect circle in the ice. The circle was just under six feet in diameter and seemed oddly reminiscent of the crop formations seen in English wheat fields.

The cuts extended only a quarter-inch into the ice and the ice itself was perhaps another quarter-inch thick. The question arises, how could this have been done? Someone standing on the muddy bank would have left footprints. The only prints were cattle tracks. The ice itself was so thin that it could support almost no weight and certainly would have cracked and broken if someone stood on it. Could someone have suspended themselves above the ice patch and then somehow carved a perfect circle? How, and more importantly, why? NIDS staffers, following the scientific method, collected and analyzed ice shavings from the spot, took readings for magnetic fields and EM radiation, checked for tracks throughout the area but found no clues. There is no natural explanation for such a subtle event, and it has never been reported again.

NIDS employees compiled a confidential report containing information about all the assorted incidents on the ranch. Reading this report will make the hair stand up on your neck. To date, the researchers have recorded seven distinct incidents involving magnetic abnormalities. Simply put, their compasses went nuts while out on the range. The needles of the compasses either spun out of control, or pointed straight down at the ground. No one has a reasonable explanation.

There were several instances involving some sort of invisible force moving through the ranch and through the animals. One witness reported a path of displaced water in the canal, as if a large unseen animal was briskly moving through the water. There were distinct splashing noises, and there was a foul pungent odor that filled the air but nothing could be seen. A neighboring rancher reported the same phenomena two months later. The Gormans say there were several instances where something invisible moved through their cattle, splitting the herd. Their neighbor reported the same thing.

Of all the strange incidents at the ranch, this one may take the prize. It occurred on the night of March 12, 1997. Barking dogs alerted the team to something lurking in a tree near the ranch house. Tom Gorman grabbed a hunting rifle and took off in his truck toward the tree. Two NIDS staffers followed in another vehicle. Up in the tree branches, they could make out a huge set of yellowish, reptilian eyes. The head of this animal had to be three feet wide, they guessed. At the bottom of the tree was something else. Gorman described it as huge and hairy, with massively muscled front legs and a doglike head.

Gorman, who is a crack shot, fired at both figures from a distance of 40 yards. The creature on the ground seemed to vanish. The thing in the tree apparently fell to the ground because Gorman heard it as it landed heavily in the patches of snow below. All three men ran through the pasture and scrub brush, chasing what they thought was a wounded animal, but they never found the animal and saw no blood either. A professional tracker was brought in the next day to scour the area. Nothing.

But there was a physical clue left behind. At the bottom of the tree, they found and photographed a weird footprint, or rather, claw print. The print left in the snow was from something large. It had three digits with what they guessed were sharp claws on the end. Later analysis and comparison of the print led them to find a chilling similarity - the print from the ranch closely resembled that of a velociraptor, an extinct dinosaur made famous in the Jurassic Park films. (For the record, no one at NIDS is saying he shot a velociraptor. They don't know what it was.)

More cattle deaths.

Two days before the above incident, another animal was found mutilated on the ranch, and it is the only case from the ranch that NIDS has publicly confirmed before this article. Gorman and his wife spent a bright Sunday morning tagging the ears of newborn calves. They put a tag on the ear of a calf born near the ranch house, then wandered out into the pasture for a period of 45 minutes. In that interim period, with the Gormans only 200 yards away in the pasture, the calf was completely stripped of flesh. The Gormans were alerted by a wail from the mother of the calf. The calf's entrails had been placed, almost ritualistically, on the ground, but all of its flesh was simply gone, leaving only bone and hide behind. There was no blood on the ground or on the animal.

A NIDS team was at the ranch and quickly scoured the area for evidence. The remains were sent to two pathology labs. Both pathologists concluded the calf had been butchered by two distinct instruments, something like a heavy machete and something like sharp scissors. How this was done in broad daylight, in an open pasture and in clear sight of the ranchers remains a mystery. (A second calf disappeared that same morning after being tagged and was never found. In all, 12 cattle have met a similar end since NIDS has been on the ranch. A full report on the calf incident can be found on the NIDS website.)

So, what's going on?

Capt. Keith Wolverton spent more than 20 years as an investigator with the Cascade County Sheriff's Department in Great Falls, Mont. In the mid-'70s, that area experienced a similar wave of UFO sightings and cattle mutilations, as well as Bigfoot sightings, and Wolverton investigated them all.

"I asked my boss back then to give me six weeks to solve the mystery," Wolverton says. "It's 30 years later and I'm still left with a lot of questions but no answers."

Wolverton wrote a book about his Montana experiences. He came to the ranch to share his expertise with NIDS, and while there are similarities between the things that happened near Great Falls and at the Utah ranch, Wolverton says he's never heard of any place with such a concentration of weird activity as the Gorman ranch. Microbiologist Colm Kelleher has reached a similar conclusion.

"I thought that if we threw enough personnel and equipment at this one, pull out all the stops, adhere to the scientific method, that we would probably get answers," Kelleher says. "We have all of these strange cases, close to 100, many of them well-documented, but if you try to call that scientific evidence of anything, you'd be laughed at."

The main reason NIDS has been unwilling to go public with information about the ranch is there isn't much that can be said. For a scientific organization to merely toss out a lot of scary stories would be counterproductive, especially if it resulted in hordes of UFO nuts flooding the property and interfering with whatever goes on there. Make no mistake, the activity at the ranch certainly seems to have an interactive component. It responds to people, events and disturbances. In many instances, it seems capable of anticipating things that were about to happen.

"The only thing that jumps out of the data is how unreproducible these things are," Kelleher notes. "No two events ever repeated themselves in the same fashion. It's almost as if it's a learning curve and we were being led along. It's the only thing consistent here."

What could possibly explain all that has happened at the ranch? Natural predators, rustlers or pranksters might conceivably be responsible for some of the events, but certainly not all of them. NIDS staffers considered the possibility that Indian shaman or black magic practitioners might have been carrying out some sort of ritualist campaign at the ranch. They note that the Ute people consider the ranch to be an unholy place, a forbidden place, but that explanation falls far short on many levels.

Hardcore UFO believers have proposed an E.T. connection to events at the ranch, but NIDS staffers say there isn't an iota of evidence to prove such a hypothesis. The possibility exists that unknown military units might be capable of producing nearly all of the events that have been reported in the area, perhaps as an experiment in psychological warfare. (Tom Gorman was convinced of this for a long time, but came to realize the theory was more than a stretch. Someone, somewhere would have seen these military men operating in such a rural area.)

That doesn't leave much. There is one possibility that's worth considering. Cutting-edge physicists have proposed the existence of alternate dimensions or parallel universes. Quantum physicists believe that portals may exist between our world and other worlds. The concept of wormholes is no longer considered to be the stuff of science fiction. New York physicist and author Michio Kaku theorizes that there are 11 dimensions in our universe, although humans have only identified four. Might a wormhole resemble the portal of light that was seen on the ranch? And if such portals do exist, could they allow beings on the other side to travel into our world? As wacky as it all sounds, leading scientists believe that wormholes and alternate dimensions are perfectly consistent with known laws of physics. If so, then it isn't much of a leap to suggest that UFOs, aliens, Bigfoot beings or other creatures, even poltergeists or spirits, could come and go and never be detected by puzzled, mystified humans.

"Aliens may be here now," says Kaku, "here in another dimension, a millimeter away from our own world." Admittedly, it all sounds farfetched. But if anyone has a better explanation, let's hear it.

Another word of warning to UFO diehards:

It is probably futile to ask for restraint on the part of the faithful, but here goes anyway.

Visitors are not welcome at the Gorman ranch. The ranch is patrolled 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and NIDS emphatically declares that trespassers will be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. One of the principal caretakers of the property is a 20-year veteran of Utah law enforcement and will not hesitate to bust people who mess with the property, the animals or the staff. The people who live in the area do not want to be hassled. So leave them alone. Don't be a jerk.

Furthermore, anyone expecting to find the ranch and see UFOs or Bigfoot will be deeply disappointed. Paranormal activity on the property has all but disappeared over the past year, which is a primary reason that access was obtained from NIDS for this article.

Admittedly, the "Skinwalker" subject matter is a bit strange, but I tried to write the two-part article as a straight news piece with only a few subjective comments. This column will put more of a personal slant on what it's like to chase after aliens, ghosts and such.

I made two trips to visit the Utah ranch that is the site of assorted weirdness. On the first trip, I was accompanied by photographer Eric Sorenson, as well as Dr. Colm Kelleher. On the second trip, Kelleher joined myself, photographer Matt Adams and former sheriff's deputy Keith Wolverton.

During both trips, we scoured pretty much every inch of the ranch. We were out in the field and up on the ridge day and night. We photographed and inspected every part of the property, prowled the ranchlands surrounding the area, interviewed townspeople and other witnesses, but we never saw anything remotely unexplainable.

On one night, I spent some time sitting out in a field, dangled there like a piece of bait. Whatever the phenomenon is, it has been known to react to the arrival of new people, to the presence of fire on the range and to disturbances of the earth. So before I took my seat out in the field that night, we made our presence known in a big way. We built a large campfire down in the third homestead and sat around telling stories. And just before nightfall, the caretaker of the property fired up his bulldozer, plowed over some dirt piles and cleared a new pathway into the lower homesteads. If anything was around, we hoped to have its full attention.

It was a disappointment that nothing happened during our visits, although, to tell the truth, I was a bit relieved during my stint as bait that the mystery cattle mutilators didn't show up to taste-test a new, yummy type of flesh. (Mmmm, too much gristle and marbling, wouldn't you say?).

Dr. Kelleher says the phenomenon has seemingly moved on or taken a hiatus. There has been very little unexplained activity of any kind for the past year. Some folks familiar with the ranch think that, whatever "it" is, it doesn't like to be watched, and that it may just be in hibernation until such time as the NIDS people move on.

The only odd thing we witnessed was a huge flash of light that occurred just after sundown. The flash was captured on one of the video cameras that run 24 hours a day on the property. We watched the tape of the flash over and over, trying to figure out what it might have been. It wasn't until days after we returned to Las Vegas that Dr. Kelleher called to say he had confirmed the flash was caused by a missile launch further west. That might sound anti-climactic to some, but is indicative of what NIDS has been doing up in Utah for the past six years.

I've been privy to info about the ranch for several years, even though I didn't have permission until now to write anything about it. And all through that time, I watched the way the NIDS researchers have operated. Mostly what they do is to search for mundane explanations for the things they've seen. They try to find normal explanations for what seem like paranormal events. For example, they didn't assume that the big flash of light caught on the video was caused by a UFO. Instead, they looked for other, more prosaic explanations. The same is true for their investigations of animal mutilations. While checking out the slice-and-dice job on an unfortunate calf, their first instinct was to look for evidence of tracks, either animal or human. They found none, but that didn't lead them to conclude that space aliens with a taste for beef were responsible. They drew no conclusions at all.

The fact that NIDS scientists would even dare to study such matters seems to be an affront to some of their snooty counterparts. Most of the scientific establishment has accepted the ridiculous explanation that coyotes and mountain lions are responsible for animal mutilations throughout the country, even though solid scientific evidence demonstrates beyond any doubt that sharp metallic instruments have been used to cut up the animals. From my observations, the NIDS investigators have gone into their study with open minds, and I've never heard one of them say that aliens are involved with any of this stuff. They just gather information, which is what I thought scientists were supposed to do.

Unfortunately, I was unable to use the real names of many of the researchers involved in studying the ranch. The sad fact is most of them worry that they would never be able to land another job if they were linked to such research. I think they're right. I would hate to think a good scientist like Colm Kelleher will be forever branded as a nutcase simply because he spoke with me about the ranch, but it's a possibility. That stinks.

The same prejudice exists within the journalism fraternity, and I should know. For the last 13 years, I've been The UFO Guy. The public seems very interested in my occasional pursuit of UFO stories and allegations of government disinformation on the topic, but it really drives my journalism brethren up the wall. I can't count the number of times I've been pilloried by radio DJs, newspaper columnists and others because of my interest in UFOs. They generally all use the same jokes (something about spotting Elvis, something about E.T. phoning home, something about beam me up, Scotty) but really think themselves clever at the moment for coming up with such rich, original material.

Since my face is on TV a lot, I figure it comes with the territory, and I have laughed at a lot of it along the way (including the hilarious parody songs produced by radio guys Johnson and Tofte.) The part that bothers me most is that many of the the wisecracks are issued by people who haven't done one whit of work in the area of paranormal research. They don't know squat, other than a generalized belief that everyone involved with UFOs or animal mutilations is a wide-eyed saucer nut wearing an E.T. beanie and a Darth Vader mask. I will grant them that the UFO field attracts more than its share of mentally challenged true believers. No one has encountered more UFO wackos than yours truly. But at the core of the phenomena, there remains a body of evidence that is not easily dismissed and is worthy of further study.

Most mainstream scientists, even the stuffiest among them, will concede that confirmed contact with another civilization, an alien civilization, would be the most profound event in human history. It would change everything, absolutely everything. They have used this argument to justify spending money on SETI, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. Somehow, that endeavor is respectable, but looking for evidence of E.T.s closer to home is a waste of time, no matter how intriguing the data might be. After all, since we can't get to other solar systems, surely aliens can't get here either.

That sort of view is a form of prejudice, as closed-minded as a religion. In fact, many people would argue that science is our new religion, with its strict commandments against prohibited thoughts or behavior. In the case of the Utah ranch, the adherence to the scientific method has been an asset - and a necessity. The Science Advisory Board of NIDS has held the feet of the staff to the fire, insisting that they merely collect information and not try to reach any conclusions about calf-loving Zeta Reticulans who have a penchant for Utah scenery. The board has even been tough on NIDS founder Robert Bigelow, demanding that he justify his interest in the Utah property. Even in personal conversations, Bigelow is reluctant to say what he thinks might be going on at the ranch. He, like his staff, will only say that more study is needed before any conclusions can be reached.

There's an astrophysicist named Jacques Vallee who has written extensively about UFO phenomena. In my view, he's the most important guy to ever study the topic, although he has publicly kept an arm's distance from it for the past several years. (In the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind, the character played by Truffaut is modeled on Vallee.) Vallee once told me he would be deeply disappointed if the beings we refer to as aliens turned out to be "only" extraterrestrials. Vallee thinks the real explanation may be far more complex and more challenging than the simple idea of E.T.s visiting Earth. The possibility that other dimensions may exist and that these dimensions may help to explain some of our mysteries is a concept that is catching on with younger scientists, those on the cusp of cutting-edge research. Quantum physicists, for example, are now convinced that other dimensions and parallel universes really do exist and that wormholes might be a way to travel between worlds.

It isn't much of a leap from such theories to the strange stuff at the Utah ranch. The NIDS people won't say it, of course, but others familiar with what's going on at the ranch think the property might be some sort of roadway or shortcut to other realities. I know how wacky that sounds. So do the people at NIDS, and that's why they simply won't talk about it. Many of the true believers in the UFOlogy field are convinced that NIDS is hiding dark secrets, that the organization is a CIA front, that Bigelow wants to corner the market on E.T. technology. The simple fact is that NIDS hasn't spoken about the ranch because there isn't much to say other than relating anecdotal information that is unreproducible.

I really hope my articles about the research at the ranch don't result in damage to anyone's employment future, because from what I've seen, the study of the ranch has followed all scientific protocols. Instead of being scorned by their peers, the folks at NIDS should be praised for having the courage to proceed into unpopular areas, to explore new ground while adhering to accepted scientific practices. That, after all, is how progress is made.

Some mainstream types are convinced they already know all there is to know about UFOs, Bigfoot, animal mutilations, ghosts and such. They don't need to go out and study it themselves because it can't be true. It can't be true, and therefore it isn't. And woe to anyone else who dares to challenge the official mantra. I always believed it is the duty of science, and of journalism, to investigate the unexplained, not to explain the uninvestigated.

One more plea to the saucer nuts.

I know in my heart that this will do absolutely no good, but I appeal once more to the UFO diehards around the world to leave the ranch alone. You are not going to see anything. The activity has stopped or moved on and you are too late. What you will see is jail if you trespass on the property. NIDS is very serious about that. What's more, the residents in that remote section of Utah generally don't want to deal with the paranormal stories, at least not with strangers. This place isn't Area 51 and there is no Little A'Le'Inn to help celebrate all that is weird and unexplained.


* Originally printed in the Las Vegas Mercury

Scientists Study Skinwalker Ranch

Article by George Knapp

A team of scientists based in Las Vegas has been conducting a study that may be different from anything that's ever been tried. The research is focused on a ranch in rural Utah where, for 50 years or more, paranormal activity has been reported, including UFOs, Bigfoot, mutilated animals and poltergeists. Some call the place Skinwalker Ranch, and George Knapp of the I-Team is the only journalist allowed to visit the property. 

Oil executive Gregory Todd is one of the hundreds, if not thousands of northeastern Utah residents who've seen weird objects -- call them UFOs -- over their homes in the past 50 years. The Utah basin has also been a hotbed of other strange activity including Bigfoot encounters and mutilated animals. 

In a basin known for an array of unexplained phenomena, the epicenter of high strangeness seems to be a picturesque spread known to many as Skinwalker Ranch. Native Americans who live near the property advise members to steer clear because, they say, this is the path of the skinwalker, an evil force.

The last family to live on this spread lasted only 20 months. From the first day back in 1994, they were terrorized by an unseen intelligence that played mind games with them, shadowy figures inside their house, objects that moved on their own, disembodied voices and bad things happening to their animals beginning with cattle and bulls that disappeared and others that were carved up with surgical precision in broad daylight. A gigantic wolf that attacked one of their calves was tracked through the mud, but the tracks simply stopped as if the animal had evaporated into thin air. Three dogs were vaporized after while chasing blue orbs of light in a pasture.

In 1995, the ranch came to the attention of NIDS, the National Institute for Discovery Science based in Las Vegas. NIDS bought the property and began an unprecedented scientific study. Observation posts were built. Video cameras were installed and operated. Scientific personnel and former lawmen were on the property 24-7 for 8 straight years. Dr. Colm Kelleher headed up the NIDS study. 

Dr. Colm Kelleher said, "We probably have, if you count all the pre-NIDS and post-NIDS incidents, close to 100 different incidents. If you look at all of them, the one thing that jumps out is how unreproducible they are."

In other words, nothing ever happened the same. The scientists would spend all night out in the darkness and witnessed dozens of UFOs and odd balls of light. They also encountered large unknown animals, including ones that emerged from tunnels of light in the fields. Whatever it was proved elusive. The cameras that were installed atop telephone poles were attacked and dismantled, but whatever did it was invisible.

Dr. Colm Kelleher said, "We checked the time stamps on this pole versus this pole. We looked at when the camera lost power and nothing was on the tape. There should have been something visible because the range of these things is pretty good." 

NIDS still owns the ranch, but it appears the phenomena have gone underground, as if weary of being hunted. As yet, the mystery of Skinwalker Ranch remains unsolved. Kelleher said, "If anything, it has created more questions that I had when I came into this thing."

The ranch remains off limits to outsiders. Visitors -- from this world anyway -- are not welcome. 

George Knapp and Colm Kelleher have co-written a book about the ranch. It's called Hunt For The Skinwalker.

* Article originally by KLAS TV, Dec 21st, 2005


The Dulce New Mexico Anomalies - Overlaps with the Skinwalker Ranch Events

Article by Contributor, Hunt The Skinwalker

The small town of Dulce New Mexico is nestled in a picturesque valley that is overshadowed by the majestic Mount Archuleta and ringed by spectacular mountainous vistas. Dulce is the administrative center of the Jicarilla Apache tribe and back in the late 1990s, when National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS) investigations were ongoing, the town boasted a Best Western Hotel with a restaurant that served superb food and arguably the best liver and onions dish one of the invisible college authors has ever eaten.

Dulce became notorious in the anomalies field during the late 1970s and 1980s when a rash of cattle mutilations happened on land owned by the influential Gomez family. Multiple cattle were found dead with characteristic organs removed allegedly with surgical precision. A central driving force in the investigation of these cattle mutilations during this period was highway patrol officer Gabe Valdez who soon showed himself to be a fearless and relentless pursuer of the truth. Valdez uniquely combined an outgoing avuncular personality with a hard edged investigative acumen where he refused to back down when his work brought him controversy and opprobrium even from his superiors.

Beginning in the late 1970s, Valdez accumulated a wide ranging network of interested professionals, including some fellow law enforcement personnel, local officials from the district attorney’s office, veterinarians who were prepared to absorb the scathing criticism from colleagues and political people, even moving up to the office of Senator Harrison Schmidt who publically rallied support behind investigating cattle mutilations. In modern parlance, Valdez was a consummate “player”.

Cattle mutilations in Dulce NM were part of a much bigger picture in which literally thousands of cattle were mutilated and killed throughout 17 Western states between 1965 and 1999. Amazingly, in spite of several high profile investigations throughout the Western United States, not a single individual was caught or charged for the crime of mutilating cattle. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s Valdez’ reputation spread nationally and internationally as the “go to” person for information on cattle mutilations, UFOs and assorted bizarre activity in Northern New Mexico.

In 1996, Gabe Valdez joined the staff of the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS) and very quickly began to reconnect with dozens of members of his old network in Dulce NM. Valdez’s access into the normally closed ranks of the Jicarilla Apache Nation was unique and unparalleled. Without his presence, NIDS would never have gained access to ANY Apache testimony, not least the high quality testimony from the highest level of the Apache Nation Council. NIDS’ first trip to Dulce with Valdez occurred in early 1997 and one of the first ports of call was to the legendary Apache Sheriff Raleigh Tafoya.

Raleigh Tafoya was born in Dulce NM on August 4 1937 and lived in that community all of his life.  In 1960 Raleigh began work as a patrolman and in 1962 he became Chief of Police and in 1972 he served as a committee member of the Land Claims Commission. Tafoya was a giant of a man and as NIDS investigators sat in his office his gruffness quickly became kindliness as he relaxed. Gabe Valdez was the interlocutor and intermediary and as Raleigh Tafoya described the rash of cattle mutilations and unidentified flying objects in the Dulce area during the 1970s, he invited the NIDS group to have free reign in Dulce interviewing multiple witnesses. This carte blanche invitation was a uniquely high honor for NIDS and was a highly unusual departure from the omerta that prevailed in the Apache Nation regarding discussing anomalous events with outsiders. 

Over the next four years NIDS interviewers, always accompanied by Valdez, crisscrossed Dulce and interviewed dozens of eyewitnesses to remarkable events. Chief Tafoya died not too long after the interview with him. Over his lengthy career, he had served the Jicarilla Apache people for over 44 years as a law enforcement officer and even after his death, Tafoya’s large presence still dominated the small town of Dulce NM.

The following is a summary of different reports of UFO and unusual creature sightings that happened in Dulce and surrounding areas during 1970s-1990s as told to NIDS investigators. Taken as a whole, the breadth and scope of these anomalies constitute a very significant overlap with the events that were documented on Skinwalker Ranch in Utah.

During the 1990s, Moose Muniz worked in the office of a facility for repairing large farm machinery in Dulce, NM. Moose described an incident that happened in summer 1979. Moose and his friend Terrance Notsinneh were driving a truck out by Mount Archuleta (about five miles from Dulce) on a Friday evening at about 20.30 hours. It was just beginning to get dark. They were driving on a little used road, intent on relaxing after work. Moose spotted a disc shaped object hovering above the trees between a quarter and half a mile away. They stopped the truck and shut off the engine to get a better look at it. The object had a dome on top and was hovering silently. It then began to move towards the truck, moving smoothly and silently. It stopped and hovered noiselessly about 150 feet directly above the truck. Moose noticed that on the bottom of the circular craft was a continuously rotating set of blue and yellow lights. He estimated that it was about fifty feet in diameter and contained a metallic dome of mirror like material. Moose thought that the dome might have had a one-way mirror like outer surface. Terrance then climbed out of the passenger side of the truck, walked to a position 30 feet in front and began yelling and waving his arms at the object as it hovered silently above him. Moose became progressively more frightened. Terrance continued yelling and waving until Moose told him to get back in the truck. There was no response from the craft, it continued to hover silently and the lights continued to rotate quickly in an anti-clockwise direction. Moose described it like a tube of light. Moose also said that he thought that the craft might be observing them although it made no attempt to communicate with them.

The object then slowly climbed, remaining flat but climbing at a 45 degree angle away from them for a short while. Then from a stationary position it suddenly took off across the valley, accelerating from standstill to an extremely high speed. In the process, Moose estimated that the object covered some 60 miles in four seconds (yielding an estimated speed of 54,000mph). The craft left a flash of light in its wake. There was no noise or sonic boom. Neither of them noticed any turbulence during the incident.

NIDS investigators also interviewed Terrance Notsineh separately and independently. He confirmed all details of this incident with the exception that he said that in addition to getting out of the truck to yell and wave at the craft as it hovered 150 feet above them, he also flashed a flashlight at it. The craft did not respond.

Neither of Moose Muniz or Terrance Notsineh reported any ill effects from the close encounter. Although Moose had been scared by the incident, he had no trouble sleeping.

Moose also described an earlier incident that occurred when he was 15 years of age and he was driving with his family in the direction of Dulce. It was daylight at about 17.30 in August when they crested a rise and all family members saw a huge craft hovering above the valley. According to Moose the craft stretched from Dulce Lake all the way across to Archuleta Mesa which would put it at over five miles across. The craft appeared to be light colored and was semi-transparent but with definite boundaries. It was shaped according to Moose like the Tacoma dome and was flat bottomed. It had huge windows arranged in a single row along its side. Moose said that he could see the landscape behind the object. All family members saw it but continued to drive to their home in Dulce. When they arrived and got out of the car, the object was gone. The following day, his father packed all family members into the car and drove back to the same spot at the same time but they could see nothing.

NIDS investigators separately interviewed two senior Jicarilla Apache officials, Gomez and Martinez, about an incident that occurred in mid 1990s. Since the interviews took place, both men have occupied increasingly senior positions in the Jicarilla Apache tribe and in 2016 both are members of the Jicarilla Apache Nation Legislative Council. We have changed their names out of respect for their current occupations.  At the time, Gomez was the Executive Director of the Public Works Department of the Jicarilla Apache tribe and Martinez was Executive Director of Public Health. Even in the 1990s, both men occupied cabinet level positions in the tribe and were judged by NIDS investigators to be credible witnesses.

The incident described below was witnessed by 9 Jicarilla Apache officials and their families who were travelling in four cars in a convoy returning from a basketball game towards Dulce. It was 23.30 hours on a clear moonlit night. Visibility was excellent. Gomez described first seeing a large object in the distance with what looked like pylons of blue and red lights on the top. He initially thought it was a large natural gas platform but was puzzled because he had never noticed a platform in that position before. It was only when they got much closer that they saw that it was huge flying object moving slowly and as they entered a canyon, Martinez noticed it as a massive aircraft that appeared to be just about to crash into the cliff on the edge of the canyon. All four cars were now travelling quickly through the canyon at about 65mph. Martinez was travelling alone in his car. Gomez had his wife and children with him. Martinez reached for his cell phone in order to report an aircraft accident when he suddenly noticed that the huge object was now moving slowly directly over the four cars as they drove through the canyon. According to both Gomez and Martinez, the object was huge. Gomez said that it was about 200 feet above them, Martinez said no more than 100 feet. According to Gomez, the object was so big that it spanned the entire canyon from wall to wall and he still could not see the ends of it. The craft was over a mile across. As it moved slowly over their cars both people described the structure of the underneath. Both independent descriptions matched. The underside consisted of rows of interlocking dull metal sheets woven like roof slates. Gomez described seeing large rivets about a foot to two feet in diameter. Gomez described the shape of the object from underneath as roughly circular, Martinez said that he did not know the shape from underneath but that the object from the side had three large domes on top. Both men got the impression of an extremely heavy and massive object. Gomez pulled his car over and got out just in time to see the object disappearing over the canyon wall. There was no sound. The object seemed then to instantaneously appear a long distance away as if it had silently moved at great speed away. Gomez said that he did not see it moving and he heard no sound. Both men described it as a floating motion over the canyon. Martinez said that by the time he had maneuvered to stop his car also, the object had gone.

The following morning, after the interview, NIDS investigators drove to the exact site of the sighting and they verified that indeed the distance from canyon wall to canyon wall was about a mile.

Neither of the occupants of the car felt any ill effects from the incident. They did not feel any air displacement when they got out of their cars. They did not understand how an object of such magnitude and apparent weight could move so silently and easily. Both men remarked on the extreme danger of flying so close to the canyon walls. Martinez was sure that when he first noticed the object it appeared to be just on the point of colliding with the top of the far canyon wall and it must have abruptly and smoothly changed direction in order to be suddenly flying over the witnesses. Martinez marveled that such a huge object could execute a 90 degree turn at such low altitude without tilting or banking.

A third member of the current (2016) Jicarilla Apache Nation Legislative Council also told NIDS investigators about a series of incidents that had happened earlier in his career and out of respect for the sensitivity of his position, we also have changed his name. During the 1990s, Juan Gonzales was active on the Jicarilla Apache Cultural committee and earlier in his career, used to work as a Fish and Game Officer and the incidents that he recounted occurred when he worked in this latter capacity.

As a Fish and Game officer he was driving in his truck on one of the back road near Dulce one night in 1988 when he noticed out of the corner of his eye a bright light. Almost instantly a pencil beam of light came through his open truck window and hit the back of his hand as it held the steering of his vehicle. He felt a burning sensation. The beam then vanished and he could see nothing else. He noticed the following day that several layers of skin on the back of his hand appeared to have been removed, as if burned. The area on his hand corresponded exactly to the position where the beam of light had struck the back of his hand. Juan was not unduly worried about the incident and his hand healed without further complications.

Also in 1988, Juan at dusk noticed what appeared to be a low flying aircraft a couple of hundred yards away from him. Juan was not sure of the time or the date of the incident. He was concerned that the aircraft was so low that it would crash so he stopped his vehicle. He saw that the craft was about the size of an old DC-6 or a DC 7. He noticed that the object was flying completely silently. He then noticed that as it flew it hit the tops of a group of trees. The sound carried clearly in the night air. As he watched the object appeared to hit several different trees as it flew over but without any accompanying engine sounds. The object then flew away and disappeared.

Juan spent a long time describing some of the customs and the old folklore of the Apache tribe. He mentioned that he is responsible for attempting to translate a set of over 60 songs that the tribe has passed down from generation to generation verbally. The songs deal with the emergence of the Apaches and their origins. According to him many of the songs describe flying objects and flying “mountains” which have always played a part in the origins of the Apaches. He said that it is his opinion and of some of the elders that many of the traditions and customs of the Apaches are imitations of the traditions of the occupants of the flying “mountains”. He gave an example of some of the traditional ceremonial headdress being imitations of the head apparel of the occupants of flying craft. All of the traditions apparently were given to the Apaches in ancient times. Juan offered to translate some of these songs for us.

In 1963, long before Whitley Strieber‘s iconic book “Communion” was published and had introduced the meme of the large head and oversized almond eyed creatures that became inserted into twentieth century culture and vernacular as the “grey”, Jicarilla Apache Cultural committee member Sookie Vicente had a face to face encounter with a classic “grey” on her door step.  Sookie was returning to her home after being on an errand when she was greeted by her cat at the front door of her house. When she lifted the cat up, the animal suddenly arched its back, hissed loudly and dug its nails into her shoulder. It was focused on something behind her. Sookie looked over her left shoulder, saw nothing, then over her right shoulder she saw a small figure standing very close to her. It had a large head and large eyes and was not human. The creature simply stood there, unmoving. Sookie was extremely frightened and quickly opened the door of her home and with the cat still on her shoulder ran inside her home where she stayed for some time. When she plucked up the courage to go outside, she circled her house more than once but the creature was nowhere to be found.

Raleigh Elizondo has occupied positions of increasing responsibility in the Jicarilla Apache tribe over the past 30 years and in 2016 currently serves as a member of the Jicarilla Apache Nation Legislative Council. Raleigh told NIDS investigators of an encounter that he had with a Sasquatch while on his property in the summer of 1991. In was during late afternoon. Raleigh was sitting on his horse and three of his dogs were in the vicinity when he saw a Sasquatch break cover running from the trees. The creature appeared to be running from a pursuer which Raleigh could not see. It was running on two legs like a human. It passed him about 150 feet away, it was brown and according to Raleigh was as tall as he was as he sat on his horse. All three dogs reacted to the creature by running to a point where they were under the horse. This was unique behavior for the dogs. The creature then saw Raleigh since it had been looking over its shoulder on the opposite side, but it did not react to him. It still appeared to be fearful of something that was pursuing it. The creature ran swiftly towards a nearby hill and suddenly disappeared “into thin air” as Raleigh described it. He was certain that the creature did not run out of sight, but actually ran through some kind of “opening” before vanishing. The dogs continued to walk almost under the horse, keeping very close as all five went to the top of the hill. Suddenly, the horse jumped several feet as if clearing an obstacle, but Raleigh could see nothing. He noticed the dogs also jumping, but he could still see nothing.

Commonalities Between Dulce NM and Skinwalker Ranch Utah Events

Low flying metallic UFOs, bizarre non-human creatures including the Sasquatch, have been reported/documented by dozens of eyewitnesses over multiple decades at the remote locations of Dulce NM and at Skinwalker Ranch Utah. Dulce lies in the center of the Jicarilla Apache Nation lands and the Skinwalker Ranch is a small homesteaded area embedded in the middle of Ute Nation lands.

This congruence of unusual phenomena appears to be associated with locales that are dominated by Native American tribes. Is this correlation a coincidence or simply a statistical blip? NIDS investigators asked representatives from both Jicarilla Apache and Ute Nations this question and received essentially the same reply. The answer is as follows:

The Indian Nations have had a close relationship with these phenomena for centuries because the Native Americans have enhanced perception and enhanced ability to “see” other realities. The Native American culture has always emphasized the unseen world and this phenomenon is a part of the unseen world. The phenomena are neither a help nor a hindrance, they are simply part of humanities’ world. According to testimony from both Ute and Jicarilla Apache Nations, the existence of the phenomena is denied by the majority of White People, so the phenomena are experienced by Native Americans because they perceive differently.

As Colm Kelleher and George Knapp wrote in “Hunt for the Skinwalker”: … it is perhaps not a coincidence that many of the regions in the United States where UFO hotspots have been documented, Yakima, N. New Mexico, NE Utah are also centers of native American populations with the Yakima, Jicarilla Apache and Ute tribes figuring prominently. The constant references to the “star people” that suffuse the oral traditions of the Hopi and other tribes show that the alternate realities recounted by native Americans commonly contain the UFOnauts. The question then becomes: does the presence of the native American shamans and their practices provide a window, a portal or a wormhole from inner space for the entry of the strange denizens into our reality? Can native American shamans “summon” UFOs from another dimension through their rituals, just as the Siberian shaman Olga Kharitidi told the authors that the shamans of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan can?  Dr Doughlass Price Williams, an emeritus anthropologist from UCLA, wrote a lengthy dissertation on the remarkable parallels between the journeys to the other worlds described by the shamans from numerous cultures and the emotional testimony from hundreds of people who claimed abduction by aliens (Price Williams’ essay is published on this website). Are these abductions occurring in physical reality, or are they occurring in “inner space” a dimension that exists through a portal in human consciousness?”


Article by Contributor, Hunt The Skinwalker

It is almost exactly 10 years ago that “Hunt for the Skinwalker” was first published. For the incognosenti, the book chronicled a unique, intensive scientific investigation of UFOs, cattle mutilations and paranormal activity over almost a decade on a remote ranch in NE Utah. A private research institute in Las Vegas Nevada, the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS) deployed a team of PhD level scientists and invested millions of dollars in equipping personnel, deploying remote sensors, and conducted the most sustained, intensive “boots on the ground” investigation of anomalous phenomena in history. Only Project Hessdalen in Norway rivalled the Utah Ranch study in duration, but the Utah project comprised continuous deployment of human observers AND remote sensors.

 “Hunt for the Skinwalker” chronicled personal experiences from the scientists who made the ranch their second home for several years and documented accounts from dozens of eyewitnesses, some with military backgrounds and many with high credentials. Since 1994, over 50 independent witnesses have reported hundreds of anomalous incidents on the ranch; it is commonly accepted that the reality of the phenomena on the ranch are undeniable.

Since the publication of the book, this once obscure property in Utah has been named “Skinwalker Ranch” and it has become one of the most famous UFO hotspots in the world. Hunt for the Skinwalker spawned a cottage industry of imitators—up to half a dozen books have been published by wannabee pretenders and retired “security guards” who have claimed all manner of magical happenings in and around the ranch over the past ten years. Hundreds of videos purportedly taken on the ranch with millions of views on YouTube as well as several TV shows, movies and “documentaries” have been released, all purportedly shedding light on the mysteries of Skinwalker Ranch.

The past ten years have seen the creation of an entire “Skinwalker Ranch” genre and the emergence of a viral meme that surrounds the ranch with even more mystique than ten years ago.

In the years since publication of “Hunt for the Skinwalker” what are the lessons learned from this unique study and how can the experiences gained on the ranch benefit the larger study of anomalies?

Three questions can immediately be asked:  

(A)  Is Skinwalker Ranch a unique location?

(B)  What are the optimum strategies for investigating a hotspot like Skinwalker Ranch?

(C)  What have we learned about the phenomenon in the past ten years?

(A) Skinwalker Ranch is not unique as a UFO hotspot—it’s uniqueness lies in the fact that it is the most studied UFO hot spot in history and (B) it is imperative to treat the investigation of these phenomena as a scientific project in as professional a manner as possible.

We will focus attention on both (A) and (B) in this article.

Since the publication of the book, other locations have been investigated outside Utah, and individuals have come forward with documented evidence comprising almost identical breadth and scope of anomalous phenomena in North America that bear a striking correlation with those seen on Skinwalker Ranch.

(a)   The Uintah Basin sightings. The Utah Ranch sits in a 15,000 square mile area in NE Utah known as the Uintah Basin. Joseph (Junior) Hicks is a retired high school science teacher who in 1950 began gathering UFO testimony from locals. Junior Hicks has reported that he heard large numbers of stories of “weird stuff” over the years (1950-2010) in the area around the ranch, but he did not follow them up because they were so bizarre/disturbing. Hicks gave only his “nuts and bolts” reports to Frank Salisbury who dutifully published them. As Hunt for the Skinwalker documented, investigations have shown that the “nuts and bolts” flying objects constitute only a small minority of the phenomena in the Uintah Basin around the ranch. This pattern is continuing.

(b)   The Dulce NM sightings. Scores of reports of anomalies have been investigated around Dulce, New Mexico and a plethora of bigfoot sightings, cattle mutilations, orbs of light, weird creatures and other paranormal phenomena overlaid (same time and same location) on the classic flying disc and flying triangle reports have been discovered.

(c)    The 1975 Malmstrom AFB, Montana UFO sightings have been widely reported in the literature; in fact they constitute a part of the famous Northern Tier sightings (4). NIDS was fortunate to obtain the first hand testimony and report logs from Captain Keith Wolverton who was based in Great Falls in 1975 and Wolverton documented a large number of cattle mutilations, bigfoot sightings, bizarre creatures, and assorted weirdness that happened at the same time and place as the famous Malmstrom AFB UFO wave. However, almost nobody else reported the weird underbelly of the phenomena around Malmstrom AFB.

(d)   Marley Woods, Missouri:  When we visited Marley Woods and interviewed ranchers and eyewitnesses, again we saw a wide variety of anomalies that appeared to coexist with a small number of “nuts and bolts” sightings. Some of the investigators told us that they had stayed away from all the “weird stuff” for the majority of their UFO investigations over 40 years and they ONLY focused on the nuts and bolts phenomena. Marley Woods forced investigators to open their eyes, because the non-technological data were so overwhelming.

(e)   The San Luis Valley sightings reported by Christopher O’Brien over the years is actually a refreshing exception in that O’Brien has reported all of the weirdness (cattle mutilations, bizarre creatures, assorted poltergeist activity, etc as well as classic flying discs, flying triangles). O’Brien’s books (*eg 1 and references therein) have not distorted the record in favor of the nuts and bolts “craft”.

(f)     A few years ago investigators began to dig into the Rendlesham Forest events and after interviewing a dozen airmen and other eyewitnesses who were stationed at RAF Benwaters in the early 1980s they began encountering the same underbelly of anomalous phenomena which have not been widely publicized. Only the triangle in the forest with symbols and the apparent advanced technology appears to have avoided the censorship. We have learned some interesting tidbits, for example (a) the base was haunted by “Runway Charlie” who was apparently a headless human dressed in a flight suit seen by several security police officers over several years who routinely was observed walked down the runway often from distances of about 100 yards, (b) multiple other haunting were reported by security police officers, (c) flying orbs or lights were routinely seen on the base and in Rendlesham forest over the years and (d) the forest was a longtime favorite spot for local druid cults to congregate. In other words, the Rendlesham Forest area was another hot spot for anomalous activity and the events of late December 1980 were only a small part of the continuum.

So, with every series of cases that have been closely examined in widely different areas, we are confronted with an identical phenomenon. A small number of mechanical flying objects that are contemporaneous with a vast underbelly of weird anomalies that nobody in “UFOlogy” wants to report. The finding that every location that has been studied in depth yielded multiple layers of additional anomalies that did not fit the classical nuts and bolts UFO meme makes one wonder whether throughout the majority of UFO investigations of the 1960s-2010s, was this censorship the rule rather than the exception? If yes, then the generic research field of UFOlogy is attempting to make sense of an unbelievably distorted dataset.

(B) Seven lessons learned from Utah Ranch and Uintah Basin investigations:

What has been learned about the techniques of investigation that cover these kinds of research projects? There are seven rules of thumb that have been learned in investigating this mysterious piece of real estate and none of these techniques are possible for amateur researchers who do not have considerable resources.

The investigative approach that has been developed and honed over the past decade is deceptively simple and it has been used to greater and lesser extents with investigations of every UFO/paranormal “hot spot, including Skinwalker Ranch. What are the seven most important points to focus on when approaching these kinds of investigations?

  1. Personnel: In order to begin uncovering consistent data, substantial resources must be deployed. A team of scientifically trained (minimum of a Bachelors degree in science or engineering) full time investigators working in unison with professional project management and clearly defined roles and responsibilities is essential. Researching this phenomenon on evenings and weekends is only possible if you are prepared to conduct research over several decades.
  2. Equipment: Tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars must be invested in equipment, including night vision equipment and a deep bench of contract research labs for analytical chemistry and all levels of forensic analysis must be available. This kind of analysis is essential and is very expensive.
  3. Continuous "boots on the ground" interviewing and re-interviewing witnesses over many years has been the most productive approach---it has to be done methodically utilizing a grid design. Find the "hot spot" and work out from there using investigators to knock on doors and "cold call" in a grid pattern a couple of miles around the hot spot epicenter. You will gradually assemble a picture of the events in the area.
  4. Deploy investigators on the actual hot spot on night watches equipped with Gen III or better Night Vision equipment and thermographic imagers if possible. A lot happens in the Infrared region of the spectrum, but it is transient and ephemeral. The investigators need to be deployed for weeks, not days because the phenomenon is elusive and deceptive.
  5. If you investigate cattle mutilations, you MUST have an accredited veterinarian standing over the dead animal within a few hours of the incident in the summer and within 24 hours during the winter. Speed is of the essence since post mortem decomposition rapidly obliterates the forensic evidence. Forensic analysis (including analytical chemistry) must be conducted on tissues surrounding the wounds. If you do not do this, you are wasting your time investigating cattle mutilations.
  6. Conduct exhaustive, but skillful interviewing year after year on witnesses. We have found that as witnesses begin to trust investigators, more details are provided and in particular the level of “strangeness” of reports can increase over time (see Jacques Vallee’s perceptive description of “The Hilltop Curve” (*2)). From these witnesses and their families and neighbors, document in particular physiological effects and if you have the resources, blood chemistry, immunology, and even genomic analysis. The key is to view the human being as a more reliable readout system for documenting the effects of the phenomenon.
  7. Side by side with the “grand central station” aspect of the diverse phenomena that were documented is human (contractor/Intelligence Agency) involvement in the Uintah Basin area, but the human activity is very murky and difficult to separate out. We have spoken with Special Forces Private Contractor personnel who have admitted deploying “toys” in the area around Skinwalker Ranch. For a good analogy to some of what has happened in the Uintah Basin, we recommend Robert Guffeys very entertaining book (*3).

Nine things learned about the phenomenon on Skinwalker Ranch:

1.     The phenomenon is covert and deceptive

2.     The phenomenon has shown no interest in engaging in dialog with human investigators: communication from the phenomenon has been one-sided, fleeting and not reproducible.

3.     Long term interactions with the phenomenon do not promote health and well-being, either physically or psychologically, in humans.

4.     The phenomenon can and does manipulate human perceptions, human emotions and trends towards inducing fear in humans, not happiness.

5.     We learned that the United States Government has used the phenomenon to mask some of its covert technology programs and in turn we observe that the phenomenon has mimicked some USG Special Access technology. We have named this complex dance “bidirectional mimicry”. Bidirectional mimicry implies that investigators of this phenomenon are peering through at least two layers of deception. This is a major cause of confusion in this research arena.

6.     Asking questions about whether the phenomenon is interdimensional, extraterrestrial, ultraterrestrial etc is scientifically meaningless since there is currently no scientific methodology or technology (ie no falsifiable hypothesis from a Popperian perspective) for distinguishing between these possibilities.

7.     The phenomenon has shown a preference for collocating with Native American tribes in the United States.

8.     The phenomenon has been physically destructive to animals.

9.     The phenomenon may be pre-cognitive.



(1) O’Brien, Christopher (2009). Stalking The Tricksters. Adventures Unlimited Press, Kempton, Illinois.

(2) Vallee, Jacques (1975). The Hilltop Curve, p 112 of “The Invisible College” 1975 published by EP Dutton

(3) Guffey, Robert (2015): Chameleo. OR Books, New York and London.

(4) Salas, Robert and Klotz, James (2005). Faded Giant. BookSurge Publishing


For the first time in American history senior CIA officials were granted permission to openly discuss some of the achievements born of efforts from the work performed at the infamous base, Area 51. Peabody Award winning Investigative Reporter George Knapp presided over a panel. Some of the CIA's achievements at Area 51 were discussed at length at this historic event, but despite public interest, leaked stories, whistleblowers and popular lore permeating the history of Area 51… the topics of non-terrestrial cooperation and UFO reverse-engineering were not discussed.

Investigative filmmaker, Jeremy Kenyon Locker Corbell, asked a few questions to the CIA officials on the panel about UFOs.

The event was held at the Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The panel included Dr. David Robarge Ph.D. (Chief Historian of the CIA), and S. Eugene Poteat (Senior CIA Scientific Intelligence Officer, responsible for programs at Area 51). Here is George Knapp’s iTeam television report on the event.