On this day 22 years ago, the terror quotient escalated dramatically on Skinwalker Ranch when the NIDS (National Institute for Discovery Science) researchers were abruptly confronted with an “in your face” daylight mutilation of an 84 pound calf. Up until March 10th, 1997 the NIDS researchers had been chasing shadowy lights and subtle phenomena. That all changed on a bright sunny morning with the brutal killing of the newly born animal that had just been tagged 45 minutes previously.

The killing of the calf combined exquisite delicacy in the laying of the mutilated on the ground with brute force strength in ripping the femur out of its ball and socket joint. There had been violent incidents before this one - some of them of a physical nature - but on this day, the NIDS researchers were served notice that the cat and mouse game being played out on Skinwalker Ranch would become more violent, more threatening and with deliberately enhanced psychological warfare thrown in.

Who or what murdered this young calf? Why was it done in a seemingly ritualistic manner? What was the purpose of this carnage? Was this event an attempt by The Phenomenon to warn the ranchers and the scientific team? Or is this just part of something more terrifying? Big questions, disturbing answers.

"Occasionally when searching for lost cattle in the dense undergrowth at the South end of Skinwalker Ranch, often in broad daylight, we would occasionally get the feeling that ‘something’ unseen was very close to us and that we were being watched. That feeling of being watched was sufficiently rare that we could not put it down to mere paranoia and usually we discovered at the post deployment de-briefings that more than one individual had simultaneously experienced the same sensation.” - NIDS Scientist

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