For the first time in American history senior CIA officials were granted permission to openly discuss some of the achievements born of efforts from the work performed at the infamous base, Area 51. Peabody Award winning Investigative Reporter George Knapp presided over a panel. Some of the CIA's achievements at Area 51 were discussed at length at this historic event, but despite public interest, leaked stories, whistleblowers and popular lore permeating the history of Area 51… the topics of non-terrestrial cooperation and UFO reverse-engineering were not discussed.

Investigative filmmaker, Jeremy Kenyon Locker Corbell, asked a few questions to the CIA officials on the panel about UFOs.

The event was held at the Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The panel included Dr. David Robarge Ph.D. (Chief Historian of the CIA), and S. Eugene Poteat (Senior CIA Scientific Intelligence Officer, responsible for programs at Area 51). Here is George Knapp’s iTeam television report on the event.