Reports, reviews and responses from around the world have been coming in since the launch of my film HUNT FOR THE SKINWALKER. It’s truly overwhelming! This film has struck a nerve and has polarized a large section of humanity. Big questions, disturbing answers… and social media is on fire about the film.

From FOX News to ABC; articles and online reviews; blogs and podcasts… this is the most immersive film launch I have ever experienced. It has taken on a life of its own.

This documentary took over the charts the moment it was released, hitting the #1 Top Documentary position on iTunes almost immediately. The film also ranked at #18 globally - in ALL genres. The response to this film has been astounding. Not bad for a small documentary about a mysterious ranch in Utah and the government intelligence study to understand it.

We had the World Premiere at the Salt Lake City Comic Con / Fan X event and then a private pre-premiere in Las Vegas. The film is now out in the world, and the viewership is staggering… but we are not done yet, this is just beginning. It’s time to spread the word and write your reviews.

So if you haven’t done it yet, purchase the film on iTunes, Vimeo, Amazon, etc… or check it out HERE.

Thanks for all the support and for buying my film. And thanks for spreading the word. A lot more coming this year!



Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell

ABC News

FOX News

Official Trailer

Bonus Material / Deleted Scene

With a purchase on iTunes or Vimeo you get about an hour and a half of Bonus Material.