In November of 1989, ROBERT LAZAR took his 1st polygraph test to prove his honesty about the fact that he back-engineered Alien Spacecraft from another world for the United States Military at a secret base called S-4 (near the infamous Area 51).

GEORGE KNAPP (Peabody Award winning Investigative Journalist) broke the story in an attempt to assure the safety of LAZAR. Being a Cosmic Whistleblower has its price, if you're not careful.

KNAPP will often say, "VET EVERY SOURCE". Well, LAZAR has been vetted for over 25 years. His story has not changed, altered, or become more elaborate. LAZAR is telling YOU the truth. It's up to you what you DO with that information.

With recent testimony by LAZAR, this short film gives a unique glimpse into the personas surrounding this EPIC saga… the most infamous UFO case of all time.

The implications derived from his experiences are just starting to be realized.

Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell


Article by Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell

I spent a few days filming with Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell in Florida... talking about UFOs, Psychokinesis, Government Coverups and Phenomenology.

The experience was astounding.  Dr. Mitchell told me all about how he had studied Psychokinesis at Stanford Research Institute (and found it to be a REAL and TRUE scientific effect of consciousness).  I personally failed miserably when I tried to bend one of his coffee spoons using only my mind (hence the note I had him sign after he teased me about it).

It was a great pleasure and honor to learn about Dr. Mitchell's world-view, and to hear him recall the "Seminal Moment" of when he was returning to Earth from his walk on the surface of the Moon.

Only twelve humans (acknowledged publicly), have ever walked on the surface of another world.  Astronaut, Dr. Edgar Mitchell was the sixth man to do so.  He's a MOONWALKER and an experiencer of remote-healing and the secret organization that covers up the extraterrestrial presence engaging humanity.

I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to document some of his stories.

Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell


Corbell released his new short film on Nano Man.  Take a peek into NASA and the study of an anomalous Nano-Meta Material that defies definition.  You can WATCH NOW.

A military funded NanoPhysicist known for Advanced Propulsion Systems believes he possesses a mysterious meta-material… not created here on Earth.  We travel to a military installation and use NASA’s Scanning Electron Microscope to analyze and interrogate the alleged Off-World (alien) nano-robotics best described as "UTILITY FOG” (a term from Science Fiction).  Is this physical evidence of Extraterrestrial Nanotechnology from a UFO landing site?  Or has everyone been fooled for some deeper reason?


Jeremy Corbell joins Ken Layne to talk about Skinwalkwer Ranch, Senator Harry Reid, Jacques Vallee and the recent confirmations by the Department Of Defense about UFOs and the black budget funding of the "Anomalous Aerial Threat Identification Department" at the Pentagon... and they talk about it all. Corbell mentions his new film, Patient Seventeen & his upcoming film on Bob Lazar. Listen to the whole episode at DESERT ORACLE RADIO.

Corbell at Skinwalker Ranch on a recent visit.

Corbell at Skinwalker Ranch on a recent visit.


Article by Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell

I believe that when we attempt to convey the unknown, unexplained or un-investigated, that we can generate great power through the words we choose to express our principles and ideas.  Below, I have provided some concepts, phrases and questions that are part of my perspective with Extraordinary Beliefs.  This information should help define the aim of my endeavor, and indicate my approach towards the subject, the investigation of all that is “Beyond Paranormal” or simply “Extra-Ordinary”.

The term “PHENOMENOLOGY” (or “THE PHENOMENON” as I refer to it), is a superior way of explaining the wide variety of manifestations caused by the non-human intelligence that appears to be presenting itself throughout human history. The big picture is that UFOs seem to be a symptom of a much larger reality.  A paradigm populated by entities of high technological advantage. 

It is said that, "Truth is perceived in fragments, and from different angles of vision".  Study of "The Phenomenon" is tempered by our own human limitations.  We humans seem to observe or experience only slight glimpses into this alternate (yet congruent) reality, as by its very nature, it is elusive.  And usually… "The Phenomenon" is conveniently just outside of our reach, most likely due to our limited perceptual grasp. 

The religious have seen Gods and Devils, while the conspiracy theorist sees elaborate spider webs of deceit and intrigue.  Myself, I see an enigma: the silence of "The Phenomenon", interwoven within the mystery of the human psyche.

From the scout ships that constantly show up over protected nuclear military installations and on radar (displaying movements and propulsion mechanisms far beyond human capabilities), to the enigmatic encounters and manipulations of time-space, where experiencers describe fascinating and bizarre information bestowed upon them by “The Visitors”, it is certain that our planet has been, and is currently being, engaged by non-humans. What is NOT immediately clear, is the purpose behind these contacts. Even the high ranking military officials who speak directly about “The Phenomenon” (usually off-the-record), are concerned about how little is truly known about these "visitations" and "The Visitors" themselves.  From a military perspective, the primary threat is the war on the information crisis... how to handle the truth about UFOs, and more importantly, manage public perception of the problem.  This fundamental concern has kept the UFO reality officially behind the opaque veil of secrecy for decades.  So much so, that a broad campaign of deception has been generated and enforced by those in power utilizing tools of misinformation, disinformation, ridicule and threat.  Manipulation mechanisms for control in the name of National (and Global) Security.

However, it is important to remember that despite deceptive propaganda, as well as, the mismanagement of a (perceived) cosmic information crisis... the true architects of the secrecy remain "The Visitors" themselves.

I no longer have the luxury of disbelief.  The evidence is incontrovertible that humanity has been, and is being, visited by non-human intelligences since the beginning of recorded human history (and most likely before the recorders of human events ever began their quest).  To say the least, these beings (I like to call them "persons", as they are reported to be sentient, and often times looking similar to us), have been around for a very long time.  “The Phenomenon” seems to choose where to present itself in a variety of unique and bizarre ways.  And in fact, there appears to be an educational rhythm, a pattern akin to a cosmic game of hide-and-seek, that is intended to either confuse, distract or guide humanity into a new paradigm of understanding.  Some believe this perceived system of indoctrination is intended to elevate the fundamental architecture of the way we operate in the world, others are not so hopeful.  Everything from apparent spacecraft, to the spookiest encounters you can possibly imagine… it can be deduced that our friends, "The Visitors", seem not only to be here... but that they are here to stay.

The evidence appears to lead towards an uncomfortable possibility that "The Visitors", the occupants and operators that accompany some true UFO craft, are not as easily categorized as simply "extraterrestrial".  There are issues with this presumption... both temporally and dimensionally.

This unknown is at the heart of "The Phenomenon", and is a blank canvas on which we tend to project our fears, our desires, and our dreams.

We must not dismiss the role that human intelligence plays in the production of “The Phenomenon”.  We must come to the understanding that we are not just confronting alien visitation, but also our own human limitations as we project onto an event or encounter our own human limitations and cultural values... which tend to bend and distort our perception of truth.  In confronting “The Phenomenon”, we confront not only potential alien beings, but also our own alieness, and the ways in which our culture and our unconscious operate out of our awareness and control.  To confront “The Phenomenon” is always to confront ourselves alien.

Moreover, there seems to be a layer (a transmutable fabric of reality), that from time to time becomes perforated, revealing an Extra-Ordinary reality that is so far beyond the imagination of mortals (so advanced, at least technologically), that it appears to us to be an act of magic.  We label these encounters and experiences as “paranormal”, “supernatural”, "UFO" or even "alien"… when in fact, these encounters could very well be a natural phenomenon that escapes our scientific interrogation due to primitive equipment and technique.  Our cosmic ecosystem appears to be more diverse and multidimensional than we might be able to comprehend.  Humanity is certainly gaining understanding of a more complex cosmology with each and every discovery, yet we are hindered by the preconceived notions that served us well in the past.  And each discovery has the innate power to re-configure our total understanding of the dynamic relationship between the human species, and the Universe we agree upon. 

It is my current understanding that “The Phenomenon” appears to require an interaction of two different actors, human and non-human, as both participants are essential to experiencing (and possibly producing), the cosmic dance of encounters that we attempt (often in vain) to categorize.

From my experience as an investigative filmmaker into the subject of all things Extra-Ordinary… the UFO experience, a symptom of a much larger (cosmic) program, requires us to redefine the way in which we approach our study.

Ultimately, I seek to inspire the understanding that CURIOSITY IS YOUR GREATEST WEAPON… and that the aim of my journey is to WEAPONIZE YOUR CURIOSITY.  With these principles, we might be able to transcend the veil of secrecy surrounding the UFO reality, and delve deeper into the true mystery (and discovery), that surround these enigmatic encounters and accounts of UFOs and other-worldly intelligences.

Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell