Article by Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell

I spent a few days filming with Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell in Florida... talking about UFOs, Psychokinesis, Government Coverups and Phenomenology.

The experience was astounding.  Dr. Mitchell told me all about how he had studied Psychokinesis at Stanford Research Institute (and found it to be a REAL and TRUE scientific effect of consciousness).  I personally failed miserably when I tried to bend one of his coffee spoons using only my mind (hence the note I had him sign after he teased me about it).

It was a great pleasure and honor to learn about Dr. Mitchell's world-view, and to hear him recall the "Seminal Moment" of when he was returning to Earth from his walk on the surface of the Moon.

Only twelve humans (acknowledged publicly), have ever walked on the surface of another world.  Astronaut, Dr. Edgar Mitchell was the sixth man to do so.  He's a MOONWALKER and an experiencer of remote-healing and the secret organization that covers up the extraterrestrial presence engaging humanity.

I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to document some of his stories.

Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell